The fastest manufacturing car in the world has exploded

They get a number of prestigious titles in the automotive industry. Such awards include the Year Motor Trend Car or any other "best" list. However, these lists have little influence on purchases of seemingly never-ending cash and the interest of clean speed and energy. Instead, the world's fastest manufacturing car is the highest-quality sports car. Obtaining this title will allow such cars the world of opportunities, most of which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to enthusiastic customers who call themselves.

Currently, the world's fastest manufacturing car is the Shelby SuperCars & Ultimate Aero. In September 2007, the fast car achieved this performance by achieving an average speed of 256.18 miles per hour on the closed motorway in Washington. To illustrate this amazing figure, the last car, which was formally the world's fastest manufacturing car (Koenigsegg CR) at 242 miles per hour. Even more shockingly, experts believe Ultimate Aero goes much faster than during the test. It is believed that the car would be stable at 273 miles per hour based on tests carried out by NASA, which would be faster than the 49 km / h achieved by the Koenigsegg CR.

So the real question in your brain is probably: "how much?" Well, that will cost you a lot of money to park a Shelby SuperCars. Final Aero in the garage. The car is sold for about $ 600,000 for a lucky and limited number of buyers. This is not so bad if we take into account the horsepower – 1,183 horsepower, exactly. Remember that the closest thing to the Ultimate Aero in the market, the Volkswagen Bugatti (which officially ran at 253 mph per test) would cost more than $ 1.5 million.

Not everyone has to drive Ultimate Aero. Without having a general comfort like a power steering (which usually leaves luxury cars) and towing control, it can not safely accelerate the highway in this beast while on the mobile phone is multi-tasking. However, if you can reach 60 miles per hour less than 3 seconds, you will have plenty of time to write your friends later. For those who want the world's fastest car, Ultimate Aero is the only way.

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