The fastest run is the ten biggest cars on the field

There are so many cars coming out every year, where every car is a peculiar feature. Ratinging the top ten cars of the year is a difficult task, as some have good speeds, some have good fuel efficiency, and so on. Again, in order to know more about the latest cars, we need to know the latest market. Here are the top ten cars that are the fastest cars in the year:

Bugatti Veyron
Get the second largest speed car with the upcoming dealers who have four turbochargers with the W16 engine. You will find a total of 16 cylinders if you choose two 8 cylinders. It is considered to be one of the most expensive cars and has features such as stability control, anti rollers, ventilation disc brakes, gear steering, speedometer, sports seats, etc.

Koenigsegg CCX
What makes the Koenigsegg CCX the fastest car? Among the most important reasons that people know this is the highest gear, the gearbox, the wheels, the brakes, the engine, and so on. The manual gearbox is available with six-speed manual transmission. The suspension in the car resulted in a high speed in the car.

Saleen S7 Twin
The Saleen S7 Twin car racing car features a 8-cylinder twin turbo engine. The reason for this is that it is very popular, the effective use value, which as a result is an easy car. 248 mph is the speed you can access and the features here are electric windows, electrical locks, FM radio, rear lights, leather seats etc.

McLaren F1
The concept used by Gorden Murray and McLaren in designing cars are that the car needs to have a lower mass that is a great performance. Through their efforts, the car was successfully manufactured using materials such as magnesium, titanium, carbon dioxide, etc.

Ferrari Enzo

Enzo In 2002, the 12-cylinder engine was created and now it has reached the level where performance has reached a great level. Ferrari enzo is known for its speed and performance. They wanted to create a promising model and thus began the great research work that consumers are a high-tech car.

SSC Ultimate Aero

Speaking of high-speed cars, the name that comes first comes from the Shelby SuperCars car. In 2007, the speed of cars was tested and the results are in front of everyone. With the SSC Ultimate Aero, an electric car was made with a 500 horsepower electric motor. Whether it's two or four wheel drive, it's easy to find two engines. V8 engines are used by Aero, and the delivered test demonstrates the efficiency of the car in terms of speed. Thanks to this, this car can help you make the 19459004 celebrity cruise experience .

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

Get the latest Lamborghini LP640, which offers a higher speed with the V12 engine. This car engine has a six-speed manual transmission with a horsepower around 640. Exterior of the car is exclusively for electronic delivery, for scissor doors, side airbags, rear spoilers etc. It's designed. You will find many choices; all you have to do is to be aware of your needs.

Porsche Carrera GT

The Road Runner is the perfect name that the Porsche Carrera GT can give as it provides a great performance. You can find it with the V10 engine that delivers good performance and is not just a racing car. Taking into account the comfort of the drivers, they have an extraordinary sport seat and a sporty breeding system.

Jaguar XJ220

The Jaguar XJ220 is the perfect combination of good looks and high speed performance. This car is a famous 6-cylinder turbo engine that provides a great horsepower. Yet the car's life is long and one of the major racing cars.

Pagani Zonda F

The aerodynamic feature of the basic and known factor in Pagani Zonda F. The engine can be found with a new induction system and the mirrors are also moved. Compared to the previous version of Zonda, this offers much more efficient and faster speeds.

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