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From the Classic to the Modern:


The 360 ​​Modena sports car was introduced in 1999 by Ferrari, and then the car was born after the founder of the city.

With a $ 360,000 start-up price, the 360 ​​replaced its successful 355 series with the two-seat Modena Berlinett. Coupe, Spider Convertible and Challenge Version

Unlike the 355 steel plate, the 360 ​​has a new slightly larger aluminum frame frame with the advantage of up to 40% stronger and still 100 kg or 25% lighter.

Pininfarina's hands again moved in style towards the softer lines and included the removal of the pop-up headlights, which signaled the death of 355.

The cabin of The 360 ​​model was much more spacious than the 355 series due to the increased dimensions of the aluminum chassis and the inner surface was covered with leather

Of the optional extras the carbon fiber seats and the exhaust system .

In terms of fuel consumption, he registered 13 mpg in the city and 19 mph on the highway.

Body panels are made of aluminum and vacuum-operated, 13-inch, ventilated disc brakes are used for ABS. plus four coil springs with independent suspension.

The air from the front ducts flowed underneath the lower tray to the rear two diffusers, resulting in a force that gradually increased when the car accelerated. In this way, road maintenance has been radically improved

Dry bearing lubrication remains, as well as a five bearing crankshaft, ASR traction control and limited slip difference

. Horizontal movement in the car

By the time production was completed in 2005, the Ferrari Modena sports car built a total of 8,800 units.


The 360 ​​Series sports cars all share a larger 3.6-liter DOHC, mid-engine, rear-wheel-driven V8 unit with five valves per cylinder, which also used lightweight internal components like 355 for example, titanium bars.

The crankshaft prevents uneven firing and timing problems encountered when using the flat unit

395 hp for a 8500 rpm redline and 275 feet / torque at 4750 rpm, most of which were around 3000. speed

Compression ratio remai continued beyond 11: 1 electronic ignition, and was equipped with the latest Bosch ME 7.3 engine control system . the switching unit resulted in a speed of 189 mph and a speed of 4.2 seconds at 0-60 mph.

The optional system contained two blades behind the steering wheel, so the right paddle shifted upwards.

The gearbox electronic control unit performed gear changes without the clutch pedal at engine speeds.


Typical competition a The Ferrari 360 Modena sports car includes: Porsche 996 GT2, Aston Martin V12 Vanquish and TVR Tuscan S. Ferrari:


On the secondary market, the Ferrari 360 Modena would sell in good condition for about $ 60,000 while the immaculate example would be about $ 100,000.

Ferrari's Classic Car

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