The Ferrari 360 Spider sports car

Ferrari 360 Spider – The performance, technical data, characteristics, competitors of the classic sports car, its history, the prices used

From classic to modern:

Many 1999-2005 spiders were considered as the best converted by the company. the front of the floor, the rear partitions, the sides of the car and the engine cross-linked, and the redesign of the windscreen frame.

With these additions, the 360 ​​Spider was only 60 kg heavier than the Modena variant, as body parts and chassis are widely used in aluminum.

It was a glass cover above the engine, so it was easy to see. down, the large grids on the side of the car d provide additional engine cooling air.

The soft top was electrically operated and took about 20 seconds to complete the two-phase process of folding between the cabin and the engine compartment, with the lid

behind the two seats by a tubular steel roller barrier bar.

During the skin coating of the bar was a special material designed to reduce the impact of the collision with the head of the passenger.

Stainless rods were added and had a 13-inch ventilated disc brake and connected to an ABS system. Like their 355 counterparts, they had the same internal specifications as Modena. throttled, connected

When production ended in 2005, a total of 7565 units were built from the Ferrari 360 Spider sports car


with the same 3.6 liter V8 engine, five cylinders per cylinder, in Modena 360 , and most torque is around 3000 rpm.

Six-speed manual or F1-

Spider's additional weight, however, had an impact on its performance, resulting in a peak speed of 189 mph to 180 mph in Modena and a slightly higher 0-60 mph. 4.4


The typical race of the Ferrari 360 Spider sports car was Aston Martin DB9 Volante and Corvette C6 Convertible. Ferrari Performance:


On the secondary market, the Ferrari 360 spider will sell for about $ 55,000 in good condition, while an impeccable example would cost around $ 100,000.

One Classic

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