The Future of Ford Hybrids

In addition to the attention of Nissan, Toyota and General Motors in the recent hybrid industry, Ford continues to be steady, slowly driving its leading position in competition to reach the most popular and trusted electric cars on the market. With the success of Honda Insight and Toyota Prius, Ford noticed and had a profitable tendency behind an industry wave that is just starting to get bogged down.

Today, Ford continues to offer better and more deficit tax incentives to promote the media and congress. Bill Ford has plans and expectations that Ford is the most innovative leader in a competitive high-tech hybrid market. Ford is not interested in the continuation of traditions, as in the case of renewal and recovery of a renewable and innovative future.

Some recent issues

in 2013. Since July 16, Ford has increased its share of the American Electrified Vehicle market fourfold. The company expanded its growth by recruiting new engineers, invested more in research and development, including new plants and facilities, and focused on improving fuel economy. Ford's share of the US market rose to 16 percent, with 12 share points rising. Meanwhile, Toyota's share jumped to 8 points and largely due to Ford's new C-MAX hybrids. Ford's vehicle sales rose 400 percent year on year, 46,197 units sold this June. The Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid and the Ford C-MAX hybrid pushed most of the sales growth. In the coastal markets of Texas and Florida, strong sales and commercial appeal is available to C-MAX, while Toyota's sales fell by 5 percent. According to Polk's registration data, Ford has dominated the California market in the first five months of 2013

Last month, C-MAX had 64 percent of non-Ford dealers who were the Toyota Prius for the Ford C-MAX. Ford showed the fastest retail growth on the seaside market and pulled it by 2.5 percentage points in 2008. The company has almost reached a full percentage since the beginning of the year

The demand for Lincoln MKZ forced Lincolnot to grow by 40%, 20%.

The success of Going Electric

Ford's versatile fuel-efficient vehicles, trucks and utilities have won the results this year. Car share in coastal regions is roughly three times faster than other industries. Ford's biggest profits came from small cars, small auxiliary gears and medium sedans, which accounted for 42 percent of growth over the past five years. Compactors, such as Focus, Fiesta and C-MAX, have sold over 35,851 sales only last month, nearly 40 percent more than in the previous year. In America, the best-selling utility is Escape, while Fusion has achieved record sales in the first six months of 2013. Overall, the public utility line has made prizes over the past three years, and the Ford F series has all the other

Billion Upgrades to Hybrids

Ford highlighted all its 2013 hybrid models in Canada and the US. Begin in August 2013 with performance calibration updates for Lincoln MKZ, Fusion and C-MAX hybrids. Upgrades include electric speeds up to 85 km / h, and from 62 mph boosting active lattice shutters to reduce drag in all driving conditions, slow down fan speeds to reduce power consumption and warm-up time in order to reduce it by 50%, so that only when the engine is stopped will it work with an electric motor only. Refining air conditioning systems, reducing compressor use in cold weather. The areas of calibration updates and refinements include city and motorway driving, extended cold weather and air conditioning operating time.

The Stars of the Future

Ford's goal is to take advantage of the most profitable sales over time. F 150th They seem to be forging this new earth themselves. Ford shared a joint venture with Toyota to create a hybrid rear-wheel drive pick-up and now plans its own version of its own home. At the beginning of the 2014s, Ford dramatically reduces F-150's weight by 700 pounds, just as the 2014 debut at the Detroit Auto Show. Long-term forecasts for full-size pickups and SUVs are suggestions and designs that meet or exceed 54.5 mpg designed for 2025. Still, Ford hopes to have a full hybrid version of their cargo and SUVs over the decade

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