The Honda Supercar: HSV-010 GT

The Honda HSV-010 is considered to be a unique supercar that is not available for production. Honda deposited the request for HSV with Super GT organizers. This exemption made it even more distinctive. There was another reason why HSV was selected as a race model because Honda was not ready to compete in the series. This was largely due to the decision to stop production of the NSX Super GT, so Honda insisted on HSV's sole alternative.

Why Honda decided to put an end to NSX production is because this Honda supercar uses a mid-engine, while the control only allowed the front engine's rear drive. With HSV, its nomenclature is Honda Sports Velocity, which gives a much more fascinating name than the Honda Service Vehicle. The competitor is available with the first or middle engine with a 3.4 liter V8 engine, with 370 or more horses. With the Ricardo sequential manual transmission, similar to Toyota and Nissan 2010 Super GT cars.

Over the past two years, Honda used the same chassis for NSX and other supercars, so the Honda HSV-010 has a similar chassis under the glorious carbon fiber. The chassis is enough, as it can support the weight of 1100 kg, which is 336 bhp / tonne in magnitude. It is known that the input of most GT500 models is limited in size to distribute the pressure. In a short comparison, the 2009 weight of the 320-bhp Subaru Impreza STI is about 237 bhp / ton.

During the start of the Suzuka Track, Honda Superstore will showcase its first season race to prove whether it is worth the Honda NSX substitute. They expect him to be a successor to his predecessor, and other supercars like Lexus and Nissan are steadily strong as it is not easy to fight. Honda's hope is to be successful in the production of supercars.

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