The hottest supercars are centered

For the ultimate performance, the mid-engine layout is used in supercars – just like in racing cars. Typical mid-engine supercar Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Murcielago and Noble M400. The moshexotic superercors are also center axes.

This advantage of the mid-engine layout for front-end motorcycles:

The rear wheels get more weight but not too much, so the traction force is good because the driver can lower the engine and the car, reducing the frontal area and the center of gravity. This means higher peak speed and better cornering. The aerodynamics of mid-engine cars is usually the best, as there is no gearbox that drives the drive from the rear to the rear, mid-engine cars are usually lighter than the first motor cars

Those who benefit greatly in performance. These cars are typically V-type motors or boxer motors, as they are smaller and less occupied than in-line motors.

Drive Generally Behind the Rear Axle

To retrieve the weight, the gearbox is normally mounted behind the gear shafts of the rear axle as a transaxle. The mass distribution is approx. 42% from the first to 58% from the back to 39% before and 61% to the back. The weight on the back makes the treatment balance more widespread.

As the weight of a mid-engine car is centered in the center, there is less force in the car than a car that is more like a dumbbell. But things are getting faster in a mid-sized car! If the balance is disturbed when cornering, the car can be rotated very quickly.

To lift the road, the rear tires are wider than the fronts in a mid-sized car – usually about 30% wider. Wider rear tires make the cars more stable at high speeds.

First used on racing cars

The mid-engine layout was first used for single seat races and then for athletic racing cars before it came to road vehicles.

Ferrari and Lamborghini have been producing mid-sized supercar for many years, and many smaller companies also produce mid-range cars. Cheaper supercars generally have front motors and are similar to ordinary cars – except their performance.

Lola GT is a trenddirector

One of the first mid-engine sports racing cups was the Lola GT, which had a monocoque body before it – this was the body panels that formed the structure. His competitors, like Ferrari Testarossa, had tubular frames that were heavier and harder. This became the model for the Ford GT40 racing cars, later this design became popular for supercars.

The advanced GT40 has helped Ford in Le Mans and other long-term races against Ferrari. You can now buy a Ford GT superstar, just like the GT40, but it's bulky.

What about rear-wheel drive cars like the Porsche 911? For rear engines, the engine is behind the rear wheels, so the rear wheels have a high weight. Furthermore, because the motor protrudes backwards when the car starts to slide, the engine's weight remains. This is not the best layout, though it is very handy 2% 2B2.

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