The hybrid car: the best of the two worlds

When you followed the news, you undoubtedly noticed the growing interest in hybrid cars . What is this all about?

After nearly 100 years, the burning engine slowly becomes a timer. Pollution and unrestricted fuel thresholds cause smogs to cause global warming. In addition, traditional engines become more and more difficult because their size will increase. Most cars use up to one third of the energy present in the fuel, the reminder being lost in heat and sound.

But only if petrol is charged for more than $ 3, conventional cars are considered too thirsty – apart from getting a dirty environment. But cleaner electric technology than electric vehicles is not the ideal solution. And hydrogen or gas cells are not yet fully developed. Here, the hybrid car has the opportunity – this is the new car technology that combines the best of two worlds: a gasoline and an electric motor.


Most of the non-polluting motor vehicles in the supply so far.

Hybrid technology succeeds in connecting a small gasoline engine to a torque with a strong electric motor and a battery. And so you can reduce fuel consumption and have a lower pollution factor.

In fact, some hybrid vehicles produce 50% less emissions than conventional cars. While this is very good, we must admit that the two power sources under the bonnet are more complicated, more susceptible to errors and may be a bit more wasteful.

But if this allows almost every driver to save 50% of the gasoline savings and a third of the emissions, certainly not all the bad. And the best part is that these hybrid cars – shortly in the market – have proved to be very road vehicles.

ESPecially in the United States, where the environment is increasingly contaminated, hybrid vehicles play an increasingly important role – not least in California, where Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Governor" has chosen strict environmental guidelines.

So there's no doubt that we can see something about Hybrid car insanity in Hollywood as well. During the 2005 Academic Awards, the most prestigious travel mode was not the long black limousine, but a hybrid car that allegedly showed the famous environmental awareness of the celebrities.

On the other hand, we can also assume that the above phenomenon has shown a state like hybrid cars where it was rare and expensive at the time. Among the various hybrid cars Cameron Diaz, Robin Williams Harrison Ford and Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon are a surprise surprise.

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