The joy of waterless car care

Sun, acid rain, wind, debris and other harmful pollutants are the cause of surface oxidation, and ultimately the destruction of "beautiful painting work"

tries to protect it or will it return to the dealer in just a few years? Car owners are deliberately becoming more diligent in protecting their belongings in an unpredictable market, knowing that they need to keep this valuable investment for 5-6 years for good returns. Answer the call. The need for quality car care while the water supply in our land was merciful

Anhydrous car wash formulas, though a completely new concept for most people, are the long-term secret of racing everywhere. The various anhydrous formulations combine and pack the combination of cleaning agents, lubricants and carnauba to increase the environmental debris and oxidation from the paint and any other non-porous surfaces. Anhydrous carwash and wax products are designed to leave nothing behind in a professional showroom

There is always a need for anhydrous car care on the racetrack. Years ago, racing tracks used soap and water to keep cars clean and sponsors rough. But harmful oils, pollutants, and wasted water caused significant losses in towing. The problem was designed by anhydrous car wash technology. Nowadays, through the global epidemic and environmental awareness, these innovative, waterless car wash products are increasingly in demand


When choosing an anhydrous car care product it is important to note that the lighter the wax, the easier it will be. Usually, the spray wax will not keep the month and month that a paste wax would mean, but there is one thing to consider. With the application and easy-to-access wax, you can protect your vehicle every week or every other week. requires a special effort after washing the car.

Make sure that there is a wax containing detergents and lubricants that break down the wax inside the vehicle to avoid wax formation. In general, however, most of the products in the "wash and wax" category provide a continuous protective coating for your car and usually work on all surfaces of the car.

High-quality anhydrous washing and wax not only protects, but can also quickly and easily remove:

* Surface Oxidation

* Fa Sap * Road Tar

* Dirt and heavy soil

* Fingerprints and Stripes

* Water stains

* Bird Feces

* Damage to the tire and minor accidents

* Fat and Oil

* Anything else that would remain a traditional car wash

The biggest difference between an anhydrous car wash and a traditional paste wax is the surface application. Some parts of the vehicle should be avoided with so many waxes, sealants and polishes. However, it can be applied to all surfaces of the car with high-quality water-free washing and wax:

* Paint

* Windows

* Glass

* Wheels (chrome, polished aluminum, alloy, etc.)

* Glass fiber and plastic

* Polished Metal

Warning: DO NOT use anhydrous dishwashing detergent unless it meets the following criteria 5

1: Use a large, dry car wash product with premium carnauba wax. The most difficult and the longest lasting wax. This is the most important factor. Wash without the use of wax does not provide protection where carnauba wax can be washed as often as possible. You can use the product every week and take 2 months to return to a protected vehicle.

2: The professional car wax product must be easy to use. You just don't have to spend a whole day waxing your car. You must have full car data in 30 minutes.

3: Most car wax products produce a wax, make sure that the washing and wax contain detergents and lubricants that prevent this.

4: Waxing your car is affordable. No matter the size or size of the package, the wax should not be more than $ 5 to $ 7. So, if you cost $ 25 and you will spread about 4 normal size cars, which is about $ 4,000. $ 6.25 / application.

5: Large car care solutions use minimal supplies. Anhydrous washing and wax forms can only require the product and some microfiber cloths. Explore the possibilities of next-generation car wash freely and without hesitation. It is designed to lift dirt from the surface of the car, and most of them are gel coating and transparent coating safe.

Coming comfortably comfortably. The convenience of being able to wash your car from home, work, in the middle of a road trip or anywhere, is unaffordable! And nowadays, an anhydrous car wash and wax are the only way to get to the showroom and ensure comfort.

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