The Kia Optima hybrid stands for a true northern winter

Many people like the idea of ​​a hybrid, but they are worried about hybrid performance in winter dead. To answer this question, I bought a Kia Hybrid at a longer 2-day show. Many people are writing about how the Kia Hybrid works in places like Vancouver or Chicago in winter, but Winnipeggers only trusts a true Winnipeg test, so we're now giving Winnipeg real in January. The average Winnipeg temperature in January is between -23 and -13 ° C.

The Kia Optima Hybrid that I run was a 2012 hybrid that included $ 30,895 MSRP and merchandise, fees, and taxes. At the time of writing, Kia is presenting a $ 3400 discount on this car, raising it to a non-hybrid colleague.

When I got the keys for this vehicle, it was 18:00 at night, so it was dark. The car was parked in the backside where it was not used in the last 30 days. It was cold in the evening (-18 ° C) and the car was sitting under 6 inches of snow and stood at the edge of an 8-inch high plow. After removing the windscreen and driver door, I jumped into the quick start button. He started immediately and the seat can be quickly adjusted to the preset position. Allow me to warm up for a minute while pulling the rest of the snow from the top of the vehicle. When I jumped back into the vehicle, I turned off the tractor control and went out of the snow I crawled. I drove the car to the building and put a license plate on it. When I returned to the car, it was warmed up. It was much faster than I expected and impressed.

The number one thing that customers want to know when handling a hybrid is what is fuel economy. Do you save enough fuel to pay for yourself? The second is how long does the battery last and how much will it cost?

Let me deal with the second point. In Canada, Kia has a 96-month limited warranty of 160,000 km for the entire hybrid system. So if the battery fails in the first 8 years or 160,000 km, it will cover it. This means that for the majority of consumers, battery life and replacement value are not questionable

Kia Optima Hybrid is listed in the Guinness World Record Register for "Lowest fuel consumption, 48 US states: petrol-hybrid car" – tin. Guinness World Records by adjudicator. On this display, they reached an average of 3.3 l / 100 km. The thing we found in Winnipeg in the heart of the city in January is to choose the energy from the window. Regardless of which vehicle you drive, the ratings represent 75% of the actual gas mileage. Others may argue this, but according to my driving style and my vehicle usage, these numbers are generally accurate, no matter what vehicle I drive. This is true for Optima Hybrid. Energy saving values ​​for this vehicle are 5.8 l / 100km for urban driving. Non-hybrid Optima energuide rating 8.6 l / 100km. The real mileage I found for these two vehicles was 8.1 for Hybrid and 11.7 for GDI Optima. The Optima Hybrid will continue to save significant fuel in Winnipeg in winter over its non-hybrid brother. However, one of the negative statements was that the vehicle was not driven as an electric vehicle at a distance of 17 kilometers, so it was between 11 and 12 l / 100km to the last km, where the EV was fully launched and the average gas consumption deteriorated.

So for those who ask the question if the hybrid pays for itself, the answer in this application is quite yes. The current discounts on the hybrid are calculated at the same price as Optima EX. Therefore, purchasing costs are approximately the same, whether the hybrid or the direct injection of petrol (GDI). With a fuel consumption difference of 100,000 kilometers, the savings are $ 3,780. This figure is $ 1.05 per liter. The savings will be higher at higher gas prices. Note that this is based solely on winter driving. This will increase everyone traveling more than 20 km per trip. As the EV engine started at 17 km, the gas pressure improved significantly. At the other end of the spectrum, if you only go to the store and get bread, you may not notice winter savings. I note that while we run the hybrid in the summer, I ran a full EV when I went around the block.

So for all those who are asking if a hybrid can stand up to our Winnipeg winters, I say "clearly." After a long time, cold weather began, managed well with snow-covered roads, saved fuel in the long run and at a competitive price reported a non-hybrid version.

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