The main causes of car accidents

Experts state that the main causes of vehicle accidents are driver disruption. Dangerous disturbances that may lead to an accident include mobile phones and other devices that drivers are driving. Mobile phones, laptops, electric razors, etc. Because drivers are taking their eyes off the road in seconds and are serious if they can not cause a fatal accident. In response, some states in the United States have banned the use of handheld mobile phones while people are leading. The alternative is to use a lightweight and comfortable ear pad that allows the driver to talk without hijacking. Another dangerous distraction is when a driver who drank and then tried to drive. The effect of alcohol can cause, and can not cause, harm. Anyone with a blood alcohol level of 0.01 can be regarded as ineffective. Effects during stunning include drowsiness, loss of focus and inability to judge distances and reaction times.

The rubber seal and the back boating are other potentially dangerous habits that many practitioners are driving. The rubber seal occurs when drivers slow down another accident or something unusual on the motorway. If the driver slows the vehicle too fast, the driver often does not have enough time to slow or stop and run on the rear of the vehicle. The rear impact may cause serious injury. The same is true of tailgating, as a driver who follows the car too often can not have enough distance to stop suddenly and the possibility of major accidents is outstanding.

Leadership behavior causes many accidents; others are still caused by mechanical failure or road conditions. There are technical solutions that help to alleviate these problems and have contributed to a reduction in the mortality rate of motor vehicle accidents. These include proximity monitors that allow the driver to be close to the vehicle; sense sensors that measure the amount of alcohol that the driver consumed and drifted on monitors that alerted a driver when his car drifted too far to either side of the road.

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