The most important NASCAR racing teams to be part of

The need for debt is a universal need. And if you become part of a professional car race, you definitely want to join last year's NASCAR racing teams.

What are you looking for in a portfolio?

What will be the supreme teams in terms of revenue, value, and operating revenues. Do not forget, these numbers are millions, not single-digit numbers.

1. Roush Fenway Racing – estimated this year for $ 316 million, earning $ 189 million in revenue and spending $ 39.1 million in operating expenses. DeWalt has to stop them.

2. Hendrick Motorsport – estimated at $ 297 million, with a $ 38.9 budget and $ 163 million. She is currently sponsoring Dupont.

3. Joe Gibbs Racing – Their 2007 value was $ 173 million. In addition, revenues of $ 110 million and operating profit of € 23.6 million. Home Depot is the primary sponsor.

4. Evernham Motorsport – $ 128 million worth of $ 89 million in revenue and $ 178 million in revenue. They have their Dodge Dealer / UAW page.

5. Richard Childress Racing – A $ 124 million tag store, earning $ 98 million in revenue of US $ 19.1 million. Shell / Penzoil is now sponsoring them.

Big Success

In this case, the higher the number, the more stable and successful the racing team. It's interesting to note that you still managed to double-digit earnings and earn more. They really know how to do business. If you have a leader and an industry leader to rent their racing cars, then this is the sweetest win ever to win the race car.

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