The Most Popular RC Buggy Brands

The hobby of RC fraud is popular for the world. Because of their off-road nature, they can compete in any terrain. Available in different models with customizable parts. The three most popular brands of RC buggys are Associated Electronics, Kyosho and Schumacher.

Associated Electronics, also known as Team Associated, was the founder of Roger Curtis and Lee Yurada. Both worked for an airline company and opened open racing circuits as their side projects. Later, the business became serious and was named Associated Electronics. Team Associated became the first champion in the 1/12 in the Electrics On-Road Championship. In 2005, Associated Electronics was purchased by a Taiwanese RC models manufacturer Thunder Tiger with a view to becoming one of the largest RC companies in the world.

Kyosho is a Japanese company that manufactures not only RC wagons but also RC aircraft, helicopters, road cars and ships. The company is based in Tokyo, Japan. Kyosho was the first Japanese company to produce RC models in Japan. The first RC car that was created was Dash 1. In 1972, they set up their first buggy model, the Dune Buggy, when buggy racing became popular. Today they are very popular not only for their cars, but also for the top-class collector category for Die-Cast Car Replicas and RC Airplanes.

Schumacher, the short name of Schumacher Racing Products, is the RC model manufacturer, which was founded in 1981. Schumacher Racing Products started operations in England, Northampton. The company was known for the first differential balloon differentiation production. The first car that Schumcher Racing produced was the XL lexan Chassis. Schumacher Racing became more and more popular when the racing car (CAT) was produced, which became the first champion of the international RC racing championship. Schumacher is the most popular brand of European RC models.

These are the three brands you can trust the most. Each product has its own advantages and disadvantages. Once you have mastered the driving style, you can choose which of these will produce the typical RC bug that you can use.

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