The motoring industry in Germany and the United Kingdom is struggling for efficiency

Germany and Great Britain have long been a leading player in the automotive industry with Aston Martin and Jaguar's stylish and classic looks that are conspiring with British culture like BMW and Audi in Germany. As the current economic environment is fueling and fueling concerns about the environmental impact of increasing CO2 emissions, debt, which country produces the most beautiful cars, is now based not only on aesthetics but also on efficiency.

Automotive is the cornerstone of the German economy, employing 1.26 million people every year, producing almost six million cars a year. German cars have been renamed for engineering, luxury and performance, but they rarely promote efficiency. Following the European Commission's proposed modification of the carbon dioxide emissions of new cars at the end of 2007, European automakers had to look at ways to increase fuel efficiency with new models. Porsche and BMW are introducing gas / electric hybrid cars to ease consumer environmental problems. BMW also reduced its average car emissions by 2.5%.

The Ukrainian automotive industry has also taken steps to fuel. The average CO2 emissions in the United Kingdom decreased, but not huge, from 190 g / km in 1998 to 165 g / km in 2007. Selling cars that emit more than 200 g / km of CO2, such as Land Rover models last year – in some cases more than 50%. However, the British company, INEOS, one of the world's leading chemical companies, does not say that cars running on household garbage can be on the street for 2011. In the process, ethanol is produced by mixing a biocatalyst with carbon monoxide and hydrogen produced by the combustion of biodegradable waste.

While British motor trade was not strong enough once, as Germany and France produce more cars each year than in the UK, it is encouraging to know that while producing less cars, they are much more efficient. Further proposals from the European Commission have been designed to produce an average car sold in Europe up to 120 g / km by 2012 and it is certain that all cars, whether British or German, will drive drivers to retire from BMW the benefits and disadvantages of car financing (19459003), or why the Aston Martins are the best cars ever made.

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