The Paris Motorway – The electric car took the cake?

The release of this year's Paris Motor Show is likely to be the "greenest". But since we've been talking about a complete car race, the gas-powered supercars are still the main attractions. Dozens of press conferences, featuring both concepts and new models that are already being produced, triumphantly talk and talk about industry crises – these are the mixes at the Paris Expo.

And if you're eco friendly, do not go beyond Renault's show. The French manufacturer seems to be the cake when the green cars are really working in the real world: ZOE, Kangoo ZE and Fluence ZE all electric cars with zero emissions. And if we talked about electric cars, we could not go anymore without mentioning Peugeot's tiny ION and Mitsubishi MIEV.

But not all manufacturers have gone for electric zero emission cars. BMW, Mercedes, Citroen and Volkswagen struggle to combat pollution by trying to clean the current engines and fuel consumption.

But I have to admit: supercars with hundreds of horsepower under the hood are still the dream of every pilot. Everyone looked at the electric cars, but only made glossy stylish roadrunners like the Audi R8 GT, the Mercedes CL63 AMG and the Maserati GranTurismo GT. Honestly, who dreams of flying on the mountainous roads on the electric Smart ForTwo?

The eco friendly cars of the future, but manufacturers do not make them look good and behave like real cars, gas traps are always on our driveway and are ready for the drive that leaves a smile on his face.

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