The Pontiac G8 is powerful on the rear wheel drive

2009th On April 27, GM announced its end to the Pontiac brand. Often he ran in a GM lineup, the brand's structure was built on hoarded vehicles made from other nameplates of GM. Holtan's song was a powerful rear-wheeled sedan who looked back at the Bonneville and Le Mans models, which are fighting for many other semi-finals in the muscle car. Ironically, this modern publication is also a new vehicle: Australia's Holden Commodore.

While NASCAR went from modified street cars to race-driven vehicles, Australia's V8 Supercars racing kit was close to the warehouse based on racing cars, rolling cages, and less aerodynamic tweaks. As the rally race, the Supercars series Homologation rules require Holden to offer a number of road vehicles to the public. While the World Rally Championship brought us the Mitsubishi Evos and Subaru Impreza STi, the Holden Special Vehicle (HSV) built Clubsport models for this purpose. The end result is a modern rear-wheel drive car made by GM's legendary little V8 block.

With the aim of returning to the roots of the GM branded power, GM has sold Commodore in the states: first in a coupe form, such as GTO, and later with the four-door G8. The top-of-the-line GXP is powered by an LS3 6.2l V8 that is the same engine as the current Corvette. It produces 415 inches of power and can reach 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, but only one EPA can handle 15 cities / 20 highway mpgs, far from Corvette. The regular G8 was offered with the 2006 Corvette LS2 Australian version, which controlled 15 cities / 24-degree mpg, just slightly below the V6 base.

Gambling was not a success, which could be good for customers. This fairly regular vehicle is a great discount thanks to the dead brand, in the standard family sedan price range. It may not be the end of the Americanized Commodore, as there are rumors that they will be retrieved as Chevrolet, but only as a police car.

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