The professional racing simulator for BMW

Test your skills, increase your boundaries, or simply feel the excitement of driving a real racing car through a professional racing simulator.

If you think all of these and bag chips, we'll test your BMW driving ability on a professional racing simulator. Whether you're a rookie or a poisonous speedometer or even a virtual band, you're telling everything. The professional racing simulator reacts to all shades and impulses on the track while knowing what they are doing.

Are you afraid to push the BMW into the limit and risk potentially serious damage and expensive shutdown? Are you afraid of replacing tires or the drive train, but it does not seem to stop me stamping when another sports car appears? Are you afraid you can slide into another car or a pole, which will pay more for BMW's body repair? Do not be afraid anymore.

A professional driving simulator is your answer to your prayers. Press the barriers that you have always wanted without wanting to bring BMW's limits.

Do you experience the excitement of driving a professional racing car and not just another game? The adventure world and the safe boundaries will be lost by kicking and responding to the internal "Andretti". You will feel every blow and accelerate your movement while maneuvering for the best race car driver in the world. The panoramic, three-screen front view absorbs you into a heartbeat trip of your life. This is not your father BMW …

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