The racing car drifts to the XM radio

If you do not know what the drift is, you've probably been living under a rock in recent years. Drift is a form of street racing where competitors have to become almost impossible, at high speed, with all four wheels "burning down". Essentially, the car has to break the deal on the road so that all four wheels rotate faster than the car moves. This, of course, forms black smoke, which naturally covers the course. Why are you asking about the drifting charm? It takes a great deal of skill to get it right and have fun watching it. Sports has been popular in recent years.

So how does XM get to the competition and the world of competition? RS * R Scion tC is sponsored by Formula Drift this season. The first race begins in early April, Long Beach in California. The XM is prominently visible on the new Scion, with a logo on the front airbag and another on the driver's rear C column (exterior). Sponsorship is called to expand XM's support for the competitive industry. In addition, during the Long Beach River, strategic locations provide XM cabins, which generally allow fans to register on site.

What is Competitious Sirius Comparable? Sirius is heavily involved in NASCAR, investing only in a multi-million dollar business. In addition, Sirius boasts Formula 1 and many other opportunities. Significant talk is about Xtreme sporting events and much more. In addition, Sirius sponsors motorcycle races, as well as horse racing and much more in the sport world. Movement from XM is intended to provide a greater market share for the sporting world, the Sirius emulation.

So why are you focused on driving events and NASCAR races? Marketing is perfectly understandable. Drifting fans are young, trustworthy, and look for satellite radio. Most of them have at least moderate widgets that raise the appeal for XM. Sirius & # 39; marketing to NASCAR fans is the same. The sport is becoming more and more popular outside of traditional areas (South), with Sirius's offerings a strong, unused fan base mature. Add Sirius's huge amount of competition coverage and get a good idea of ​​marketing ideas.

Sports fans (not always) younger Americans have extra cash. Furthermore, the marketing of niche sports markets allows each radio operator to take the fair market share at minimal cost. It also ensures that fans feel that the company is interested in and cares for sports and fans. There are some better ways to increase your customer base than this; Both XM and Sirius made smart moves by sponsoring all types of competitors.

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