The super cars are staying here

Henry Ford was created for mass-produced cars with the aim of producing cheap vehicles that are quickly manufactured and built for a few years. They were then taken to a junk yard and replaced by another low-cost vehicle. Ford made sedans, convertibles, sports cars, trucks and racing cars. The purpose of the race types was to support the line of cars built by Ford. This form of advertising is still in use for all car makers. The car was distinguished by high speed and sporty vehicles that were outstanding because they were extremely stylish and characterized by speed and class.

Today we see amazing cars with amazing price tags!
Modern, so-called cars can be antiques that are rare and stylish or modern, with the exception of being extremely fast and elegant.

According to Wikipedia, Supercar is one of the most frequently used terms that describes an expensive high-end car. This was called "very expensive, fast or powerful car".

Historically, Alfa Romeo Monza was named Car and Track magazine in 1917 by supercar and may be the first to reach the terms, but others have since described different vehicles as "super cars" in their car. What is a super car? Many enthusiasts claim to be high speed while others claim that the stylish lines of a particular car.

Nine-sixty, within 3 seconds?
Today there are a few cars that can accelerate very quickly and you can add the word "super car". The Lamborghini Aventador defines the car's status with the Ferrari 360 with its 690 horsepower and zero and sixth speeds of 2.9 seconds, with its record record zero and sixty records and 400 horses under the bonnet. Many cars with a vehicle can reach extremely high speeds when the space allows.

Exotic Design Partnerships at Historical Prices at Auction
Henry Ford's disposable cars will never have dreamed of older models selling $ 2 million in sales! Of course, those with such high price tags have to differentiate and specialize in attracting buyers. One example is the 1986 Trans AM. The car modified by the Polly Motorsport company in Norway demands a "super car" status after switching to the fastest street legal entity in Europe. The modifications made it possible to reach 100 km / h in just 2.3 seconds and with a full speed of 407,143 km / h.

This type of vehicle is unlikely to ever be seen on the streets of the city because it is so expensive and many do not meet the criteria that are "street legal" owners and our beloved ones who appreciate the fine lines, powerful engines and collectibles. Many specialty vehicles double their value within two years, which is desirable and beautifully collected and will always be.

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