The supercircles of the 21st century

Each car will take it from point A to point B. Some cars will feel like flying. Others will literally fly. There is nothing left in the 21st century, and the engineers will not stop at all. Most cars are only cars, but some have extraordinary properties. These are called "supercars".

The term "supercar" is often used to express a very expensive, fast or strong car, although most of them combine these attributes. The term itself did not become popular until the end of the 1960s when it featured strong V8 engines and rear-wheel drive cars. At this time, car makers sought to produce high-performance cars with state-of-the-art athletic cars. Such cars typically come from the world and are often unusual, and this is more or less true.

The Times issue of November 19, 1920, stated that "if you are interested in a supercar, you can not afford to ignore the 6th flag." Those days have long gone and are now in place Bugatti Veyron's final place. Being the most expensive and the second fastest car, some people believe that this is the best car ever. Of course, there are more in the fascinating world of these machines. Consider, for example, Lamborghini Reventon; In 2008 only 20 pieces were produced and sold in the value of EUR 1 million. This car is exceptional, as there is not enough competition on the ground to compete with the Italian Tornado Jet! If it looks surprising, it will scream – Veyron has run a 2-mile race against a Jet fighter, and although the machine won, the difference was less than 10 seconds during their ending time!

Another wonderful creation of the Pagani Zonda F, made entirely of carbon fiber. This makes it really strong and although replaced by Pagani's new flag carrier – the 'Huayra' legacy will survive. McLaren is a new player in the city, and few car makers are willing to mess with him. The new, powerful McLaren MP412 is capable of 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds and has a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. This takes over the legendary McLaren F1, which undergoes major changes to be allowed on normal roads.

Even if things run smoothly for the Germans, things are hot in Maranello. The 2011 Supercar; The Novitec Ferrari Rosso 458 is the in-thing. Less fuel consumption compared to the 4.5L V8 compared to the McLaren V12, yet the 9100 rpm 609 horsepower and high performance exhaust system are the same as Formula 1 and even McLaren's loyal consumers can just change their minds. The problem now is whether the Ferrari Enzo continues to carry the Ferrari flagship, or Rosso deserves more. Only 399 of Enzo's have ever been manufactured, and many have been left wondering why they could not do this with just another production. Now a lot of debate and less action will not be the building covered. Let's go to action and turn it to power. Most normal cars are 80 to 250 horsepower. This means that the Bugatti Veyron is four times stronger than the best in this category and 12 times the worst! But there is an even bigger giant; the SSC Ultimate Aero! This is the fastest car in the world, 1183 horsepower, and within 2,8 seconds, it will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. It is a big debate that Bugatti is faster and they believe that the Swedish Koegnissegg CCX, which is currently in third place, will swept the top spot in the future. There is little to hear about the Saleen S7 twin turbo, and although it occupies fourth place now, the old message says, "Even if you're on the right track, you're running around just sitting."

Well, as I said earlier, some cars will get to a point, but others will get faster. There is not such an exciting experience as sitting behind the wheel of the supercar (though some are initially cumbersome). These are the cars you do not just start; you call it and respond with a strong shout, and everyone will know that not just a car is launched; launched a superstate …

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