The ten most important reasons why Batman always wins

There is no comic book fan who does not know Batman. Actually, he is the most popular DC comic superhero. Despite the fact that Batman does not possess a superhospital that is typical of superheroes, he can defeat all the villains he or she encounters, no matter how strong they are. Here are the top ten reasons why

10. Cause: The Cave Cave

One of the reasons why the villains can not win against Batman will not find it. The bat cave serves as the headquarters and hiding place of the Caped Crusader. The cave also includes supercomputers connected to cameras installed around the city. This gives Batman the enemies because it allows them to keep track of what they are doing

9. Reason: Do not trust someone

Unlike other superheroes who simply trust someone, the word "trust" is not in the Dark Knight's vocabulary. Everyone is considered a potential enemy, including friends in JLA (Justice League Association). In fact, the film "JLA: Babel Tower" revealed that Bat had devised its own strategies for defeating all JLA members.

8th Cause: Money is Power

is the strongest superhero when it comes to money. He's billions of dollars that will allow them to develop weapons that he needs to defeat his enemies. In an episode of the Truth Championship animation series, the Dark Knight could hinder Lex Luthor's plans if he bribed one of his comrades.

7th Causes: The martial arts are highly trained

If the villains think it is simply down the Caped Crusader because they do not have super powers, they are wrong. The Dark Knight is the master of martial arts, enabling all evildoers to defeat hand-to-hand combat. In the Marvel versus DC crossover, Batman was able to defeat Captain America in a fight, another superhero struggling with hands.

Ok 6: Secret Personality

This makes it hard for the villain to recognize his identity unless they see the same X-ray as the superintendent. Furthermore, the personality of Bruce Wayne is different than the alter ego. Bruce Wayne is considered to be a billionaire by Playboy. No one can figure out Batman really is. [5] Reason 5: Stealth Master

Another reason why the villains can not win against Batman is that he is the master of stealth. He does not fight with the head, but rather lies in the shadows and looks forward to the perfect time to attack. In addition, he works only at night and with his black dress, literally invisible in the dark. No matter how strong your opponent is, he can not win if he does not see Bata.

4th ok: Gadgets

The Dark Knight has hundreds of gadgets and weapons to capture the villains and super villains. There are different types of batars that can cause serious damage to your opponents. He is also a bat mobile and bat plane, which is also equipped with powerful weapons. In addition, with your money, you can devise all the tools that you can achieve your goal

3. cause: no one is afraid of the meadow

Batman is afraid of bats when he is still a kid. In fact, this is his greatest fear. One of the reasons why he chose Batman and is in a bats bat filled with bats is to overcome his fear. When you successfully overcome your fear of bats, you will be able to overcome your fears in the struggle against the villains, regardless of their strengths and strength.

2nd Cause: A Beautiful Mind

What Batman does not have the power to put up with his intelligence. Batman is always a hundred paces ahead of his opponents. When fighting a powerful villain, nothing comes but a solid plan to defeat him. He is planning everything, including the worst scenarios.

first okay: He's Batman

Find out on the net why Batman's win; the fans will answer: "Because he is Batman!" Whether it's Batman fan or not, he always has to accept the truth that he always wins, simply because he is Batman.

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