The three best reasons to play video games

Because the fact that consumers use billions of video games every year, there are those who have never heard of Mario or Zelda who have never picked up a joystick or the excitement of winning the Super Smash Bros. Though these people may be firmly grounded in their decision to avoid video games, others simply haven't had a chance at the race track or the PlayStation 3. If one of these people is, there are many reasons why you should participate in video games.

first Video games are fun!
I haven't met anyone who has been playing video games and haven't enjoyed the experience. Although it can be said that there are some video games that a person finds boring, there is a game for anyone. Barbie and LEGO video games are of a small age, such as World of Warcraft and Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, which draws attention to an older audience, no matter what age, there is a video game.

2nd Create your own world.
With video games, you can do things you could not have done in real life. This often gives the feeling of self-confidence and joy. For example, in the Grand Theft Auto series, players can get rid of things such as car raising, public brawling and murder, acts that are certainly not tolerated in the real world. In Ace Combat, the player can fly historical warplanes and bombers during World War I. Remember the speed limits in the Need for Speed ​​series. Players compete against their competitors with different opponents while avoiding the police. Everything has to be said, no doubt that video games provide experiences that are not available in real life.

3rd Even the elderly can play video games.
Do you think you're old in Unreal Tournament or get level 15 in World of Warcraft? Think again. There are more and more stories about the news, like the elderly playing video games and playing well. Beyond Chicago, take out the Sedgebrook retirement community, where average 77-year-old people who have never been in contact with a gaming controller cannot get enough of Nintendo Wii. The Wii Bowling has become so popular among older masses that they are now holding their own competitions, where many of the residents compete. Take a trip to Cleveland and find the Old Grandma Hardcore, a 69-year-old girl who enjoys the first personal shooting games and now works as a video game controller at MTV.

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