The Top Two Luxury Supercars

Today, there are many opportunities for luxury superstar customers. Some of these cars focus on the best performance possible, while others try to achieve the best balance between luxury and performance. We've made a list of our two favorite luxury superstars.

The first car on our list is Bugatti Veyron. Veyron was the fastest car in the world at the time of its debut, reaching a top speed of 253.81 mph, but now the Veyron Super Sport, also known as Veyron SS, is the fastest record for the production car. Bugatti has always been famous for its ultra-luxurious vehicles and built it with Veyron, delivering outstanding performance that can not be coordinated elsewhere. Bugatti has issued several more releases to Veyron for customers including the Pur Sang release, which delivers the car's aluminum-carbon fiber body with a clean bodywork. The brand new Bugatti Veyron will cost over a million dollars, but if you're interested, it's better to do it quickly because the car's production is about to end.

The next car on our list is the little-known Spyker C8. The C8 is a convertible luxury car made by Spyker cars, a Dutch automobile company. The most important reason is that we also include the Spyker C8 because it has the most beautiful interior spaces we've ever seen in the trailer. The car's design is timeless and elegant. When you sit in the Spyker, you really feel like sitting in a car, which is a bit of luck, and it's important that you feel that it is worth your money.

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