Tissot Quadrato watches

The designers of the Tissot Watch Company have never lost the time because of the competition.

Innovation has been one of the most important elements of the brand since it opened the center in Le Locle, Switzerland, in 1853 and introduced its first pocket watch with two time zones. In 1858 Charles-Emile Tissot, the founder's son, successfully penetrated into the huge and influential Russian market. Tissot is currently the world's leading manufacturer of Swiss Swiss watches under Swatch's umbrella.

Over the years, Tissot's timepieces have been wearing lamps from all over the world. Actress Sarah Bernhardt was wearing Tisso, like Pop icon Elvis Presley. The leader of the world, Nelson Mandela and the actress, Rev. Princess Grace Kelly, have followed their engagement with Tissot.

Surprisingly, the Tissot name was not recognized as other watches, but it is not the industry's first and non-traditional style. Perhaps the commitment to "democratic luxury" suggests that Tissot is unlikely to meet the standards of other Swiss companies at such a favorable price. The reviewers describe Tissots as "offering gold at a silver price". Over the years, however, Tissot has earned a number of 'first'. In 1930, the company produced the first antimagnetic clock. In 1971, the first plastic clock was awarded to the Tissot designers, followed by hours of 1971 made of solid rock (granite in the Swiss Alps); In 1987 pearls; and in 1988 it was a full-time wooden clock. Still, any model has been stirred up, Tiss has never missed the goals – accurate performance by keeping the Swiss precision standards.

Tissot's accuracy is legendary; the official racers of the NASCAR and MotoGP races as well as the cycling, fence and hockey world championships. Danica Patrick, the first woman who won an IndyCar race, was one of the many ambassadors of the company and was involved in creating a collection of women's watches. The MotoGP racer Nicky Hayden offers a sports collection that includes the many styles and prices of the popular Tissot Quadrato (19459004) model. When potential buyers look under any Quadrato hood, they will see features that are not in other brands. The first Tactile or T-Touch technology produced in 2000 has improved how to use the clocks.

The Quadrato collection in men's and women's style is the tradition of square watches, fast – again worthy of fashion. But sharp edges, bold dimensions and avant-garde styles are in line with the legacy of a nearly 160-year-old business. The Generosi-T models, which are a bit more charming than Quadratos, offer the same bold styles without sacrificing Tissot's commitment to delivering the best hours.

It is no exaggeration to say that wearing a Tissot is remarkable. Despite its long-term business life, Tissot watches combine the aesthetics of the trendsetter and the precision that movers and shakers demand. Whether wearing a sporty Quadrato or a lighter look, Generosi-T adorns your wrist, wearing a Tissot guarantees the most affordable way to master.

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