Tissot T-Touch Watch – a pioneering timer

We all get used to touch-screen technology, whether using our home computer or withdrawing money from ATMs. It was only a matter of time before using the touch screen technology to create an hour, and it is no surprise that Tissot is in the foreground with Tissot's T-Touch watch.

Tissot watches have always been the leader in timing, and the company has a long relationship with the timing of important sports events. In 2003, Tissot became NASCAR's official timekeeper, replacing TAG Heuer. Tissot is the official competitor of the Grand Prix motorcycle and official MotoGP, Supercross, Fencing, Cycling and Ice Hockey World Championships.

With this pedigree book, it is clear that Tissot takes the timing and technology boundaries seriously. Of course, Tiss is not alone. Many other jewelers strive to lead a niche: Rado is the world's toughest clock with the V10K; Patek Philippe produces the complex movements of watches; and Titan, the world's thinnest clock maker – Titan Edge. Tissot leads the development of touch screen technology in watches with the collection of T-Touch watches.

The Tissot -Touch collection offers 8 different features. These functions are activated by pressing the crown and pressing the touch screen. It includes functions; a precision altimeter (in meters and meters), a chronograph (division and time addition), compass, alarm, thermometer (ºC and ºF) and barometer, as well as date and time (12h and 24h choices). 19659002] The Tissot T-Touch watch is modern, sporty and stylish. The T-Touch dial is black or blue and the casing is made of stainless steel, polished titanium, platinum and yellow or gold. The metal bracelets meet the finish of the case, but my personal favorites are the orange rubber band, which looks particularly good on the stainless steel model, with black dial on orange watches. Both gilded T-Touch watches are fitted with a rubber band, but I think I feel that the dark rubber band does not complement the gold trim.

Tissot was also the official timepiece of the Asian Games and the event presented the T-Touch Asian Games 2006 watch. I really like this watch. The case is titanium with silver disc. But what makes this watch really attractive is the red circle running on the outside of the clocks – highlighting the different touch functions – complemented by the red rubber band. A very beautiful, modern-looking watch.

Tissot T-Touch Classic is a very stylish watch that would be desirable whether it's touch-controlled technology or not. I'm a great fan of Swiss watches, especially those who are trying to incorporate the latest technology. Artists such as Rado and Patek Philippe love and love because technology is linked to beauty. Tissot watches, I feel like such a jeweler.

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