Tissot Watches – Men's watches and pocket watches for everyone

Tissot watches and pockets for over 150 years represent Swiss style and gentleness. Timers are well designed and you can choose from a variety of models. They make men's wristwatches, and ladies have many styles. Tissot is known worldwide for standards that exceed expectations.

The company created its first pocket watch in 1853. The company has established its first factory in Switzerland, Le Locle, where they now have their headquarters. The company is known for creating first mass-produced pocket watches and creating pocket watches displaying two time zones.

At present, a part of the Swatch Group, Tissot, is in a big company, as this group accounts for twenty percent of all hours of the world's sales. As a producer of high quality men's timepieces and pockets, Tissot is the market leader in innovation and technology.

Tissot has a lot of charm. The company's ambassadors include Danica Patrick, IndyCar leader and pioneer Michael Owen, football fan and Nicky Hayden, world champion of the MotoGP. Among the lovers of Tissot, Sarah Bernhardt, Elvis Presley, Grace Kelly, Carmen Miranda and Nelson Mandela mention only a few.

Many first come from the world of Tissot. The company claims to own the first plastic, stone and wood watches, all of which are reflecting the immense ingenuity and innovative vision. In addition, Tissot has been awarded official world-wide sports events for the official timekeeper.

The Tissot pockets have started, but with the launch of their T-Touch series, they simply touch the crystal and the clock. Tissot plays a central role in the cutting edge Swiss watches in the state-of-the-art world.

Prices are low and middle, so the men's timepieces are affordable for the name of the game. In addition to the unique pockets, Tissot is known for its most modern, trendy and sporty wrist models.

Tissot watches have passionate followers, though not just collectors but also other top quality Swiss brands. Tissot provides high quality timing with many functions and features at very affordable prices.

There are a number of different collections, proving that everyone can find something with a firm appeal. By crossing the scale you can find fashion, classics, or avant-garde – the Tiss is widely available.

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