Top 5 cars to modify

The modification of cars has become an ever-increasing trend for many drivers, car enthusiasts, and only generally among teenagers. Some modifications can be done so well and others can be made cheaper and more sticky. The list of cars that are most suitable to fit …

1. Dodge Caliber SRT-4

With 300 horses under the hood and turbo engines, the perfect car for an entertaining race and an attractive slippery road. By driving the front wheel, the only internal modification for which Dodge Caliber would really be beneficial would be a limited slip difference

. Chevrolet Cobalt SS

This Chevvy 260 horse runs under the hood underneath. It has a hard suspension and an injected turbo engine. This is a bouncing number that is easy to tag FWD sports car. With the bucket and elevatorless function, this car is the ideal basis for the gravel sports car.

3rd Ford Mustang GT

Motor vehicle legend itself. Appearance, agility, performance and aggressive performance. The latest 2010 model is completely new; mood and stunning outfit, and comes with 15 more horses as its predecessors. It's a car that does not require any modification, but each one is its own.

4th Subaru WRX

This rocket turbocharged sedan lights up at 0-60mph in 6 seconds. He wipes off 265 ponies, and has already created a car for road racers and fast drivers. With 41 horsepower more than its predecessor, the Subaru is a break through with which rally drivers can not be enough. This is the ideal car for someone who wants the car to be modified.

5th BMW 3 Series

If you compare a car, then you know it's a tough racer. With the latest 325i Coupé, the 3 Series combines the true luxury, performance and exciting twin turbo that boasts 300 horses. On the neck with the heavy price tag this is not the cheapest but it is undervalued and a car that transforms significant power.

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