Top 5 racing cars all the time

Due to the difficulty of defining the most important competing drivers, this list is based on performances and personality. Car racing is a dangerous and demanding sport, and even more so in the past, and competitors have to recognize their skills and courage.

Stirling Moss

Despite never winning a world championship, Sir Stirling Moss is one of the best Formula 1 races ever and is particularly popular among British fans. He played on a level of high-quality racing, second, then second and third, three times in seven seasons. One of its culmination in Formula One was also at Formula One when it reached an average speed of 99.2 km while driving a Mercedes-Benz 300SLR in Italy to win Mille Miglia. His career in 1962 was tragically short when he fell to Goodwood.

Juan Manuel Fangio

This Argentinean rider has achieved incredible success in his time and at the age of 47 he won his final Grand Prix. In total, Fangio won 5 World Championships in Formula One, and its record amounted to the top 51 prize, but 48 on the first line of the grid. He had some knowledge of which cars were the best and how to best lead them. Stirling Moss is afraid of him and considers him the best racer.

Jackie Stewart

The driver is known for both the leadership profile and the security campaign, Sir Jackie Stewart was the first millionaire racer. Stewart won the world championship and won 99 grand prizes before 1973, when François Cevert teamed up with his teammate and friend after his death. Stewart is a great figure in car racing, safety regulations and measures

Ayrton Senna

This Brazilian driver not only gives legendary status, but thanks to his dramatic deaths TV watchers worldwide have witnessed. During the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix, Senna went from the track to the wall. Many consider the modern grand prix driver Senna with technical skills and fitness. It was quick, exciting to look, bold and courageous.

Michael Schumacher

Statistically, Michael Schumacher is the biggest competitor. He has won 7 league titles and has 91 wins in 91 races. However, his record is sometimes dazzled by his cruel line – for example, in 1994 when he won his first title, he went down in Damon Hill and prevented him from winning the championship.

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