TopGears 10 Worst Supercars

These wagons were both Jeremy Clarkson and the worst super-kicks ever. Surprisingly, much has been done 20 years ago, apart from the latest Swiss Weber Faster One released in 2008. With the impressive 260 mph, the only disadvantage is that no one has ever performed this car and that the Japanese model Mitsuoka Orochi was released in 2005. James May thought about this car and appreciated that the "inspired" Honda NSX model was not as smooth and elegant as a superstar. It was not so fast to be labeled as a supercar, just like the Panther 6 released in 1977, which reached 200 km / h but was never documented.

Surprisingly, Ferrari and Aston Martin Virage are the top 10 Both are made for looser generations that were not attracted to mass markets and teamed up with IKEA's entire stock.

In the eyes of Jeremy Clarkson, DeLorean DMC-12, in 1995, DeLorean's DMC-12 moved more to a subway than a pretty, expensive superstar, and likewise the Vector M12, which was released in 1995, was named the "worst car in the world," F1 spec car from the road ", the Caparo T1 could reach 0-100mph in 5 seconds, but this model broke up or exploded as it reached the highest speed. The Jaguar XJ220 launched in 1992 was also of a similar quality to consumers all of the promise of the hybrid car and the disappointment of the 4WD V12 engine

Finally, the Lamborghini Jalpa on the list, the 1981 superstar suffered more from the high-performance luxury category than the over-estimated super-rated supercar, and buy an Audi A4


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