Transportation cars – international car delivery

First of all, you want the car to be ready for international car transport. It calls for the cleaning of dirt and removal of valuable personal items, accessories or tools for you, and the removal of fuel in the tank to less than 1/8. (I strongly recommend that you carry your car completely empty to avoid shipping company problems).

After comparing your shipping quotes and choosing a company to move your car, you need to get it to the loader warehouse or directly to the ocean port. If you are not too far from an ocean port or a big city, you can throw your car away. In other cases, you can hire any car supplier to do the job. Make sure you pay for door-to-door shipping and note that the final point is the export ocean terminal or the overseas carrier's loading bay. Many carriers do not want to transport cars to ports because of congestion, time-consuming queues and new TWIC card requirements. Ask your overseas forwarder to deliver the shipment, as almost all of them have preferred vehicle carriers.

Mandatory Documents for International Car Transportation
*** Make sure you keep the original clean title of your vehicle. The term "original" means that it must be a verbal paper address provided by the State's DMV. By "pure" I mean that there can be no dissatisfaction with the pledge of the bank, the credit union or any other financier. It is a prerequisite for the US customs authorities that all motor vehicles must be completed for export within 72 working days before the ship sails.

first Option: Car delivery in ocean containers
*** Overseas bus carriers generally offer two alternatives to buying their car in another country: ocean container shipping or roll-on roll-off shipping. If you choose the ocean container option, the overseas forwarder will probably load with other goods or cars and connect the car to the ocean container. This is a low budget and reliable method because the shipping company will only charge for the location of the vehicle in the container. Another positive moment is that the container is blocked and closed for the entire duration of the overseas journey.

2nd Option: Car transportation on Roll-on Roll with a carrier
*** Roll-on roll-off (RO-RO) overseas shipping must be immediately taken to the port and then fixed on board the special vehicle carrier. Including, the long ships at the harbor lead the ship to the point of origin and drive the ship at the destination. Your car is not placed in a blocked container and is open to anyone to enter (typically occurs when personal items and accessories disappear). Ro-Ro routes are also limited in the country, so depending on their origin and destination, this option may not be available in your country. Another comment is that the ports do not accept the inactive vehicle for the roll-on roll-off service.

A few days after the ship sails, the international car shipping company returns its original address along with the shipping and instructs how to claim the vehicle at the point of arrival. It is always safe to keep an overseas port agent in place to confirm estimated arrival dates and get the paperwork to speed up the car's discharge and shipping process.

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