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TVR Griffith Sports Car Review, about classic car development, important features and specifications from classic to modern

In 1991, the TVR V8S sports car was introduced, the 3948 cc, Rover V8 engine.

However, despite being produced until 1993, his successor, TVR Griffith, was obscured by the upcoming launch.

Taking into account the 200 and 400 aspects of its predecessors, TVR Grifith from 1963 to 1967, the new version will be a fiberglass two-seater convertible that will run a V8 engine with the same chassis and chassis as the V8S.

Since TVR entered the 1990s, the order book dominated TVR S, and customers made it clear that they wanted a more effective version.

Griffith prototype was introduced at the 1990 Birmingham Motor Show and won immediate success with 350 pre-production orders.

Using the V8S reinforced chassis frame, a 4-liter modified Rover V8 engine was used to deliver the classic body.

Furthermore, the lack of bumpers emphasized the curves of the body.

Although the V8S chassis was sufficient to accommodate engines up to about 270 HP, a stronger unit Griffith needed a stronger chassis.

In 1991, TVR decided to use the same running gear in the new Griffith as in the Tuscan Racer, which was shortened by 2 inches.

This rigid chassis can easily handle more than 270 hp since Tuscan's performance exceeds 400 hp.

In addition, some additional design modifications have been made.

As a result, the reborn Griffith was re-introduced at the 1991 Birmingham Motor Show, the first cars were delivered in 1992, or equipped with a 4-liter or 4.3-liter engine.

A total of 704 units were built, equipped with both engines.

It was also possible to have a 4.3 liter large valve version. There was also a 4.5-liter version, though only 10-12 were originally built and some other versions were redesigned after delivery.

However, the 5-liter version is the only choice within a year.

The new Griffith was launched in 1992 with the same 4-liter engine as the V8S, which developed 240 hp at 5250 rpm and 270 feet / 4000 rpm.

In a redesigned body and using the Lucas 14CUX engine control system, this means that the maximum speed of the car is 152 mph, 4.8 seconds 0-60 mph and 0-100 mph time 12.1 seconds. .

After its introduction, three quarters of the 1992 production was handed over to Griffith when a total of 604 units were built in the first year.

Since the new car was cheaper than the TVR 400SE, it killed the remaining need of wedge-shaped models.

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In the future articles of the website, I will examine in detail the full range of TVR sports cars that were in the 1946 memorable era. Up to 2000+

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