Ultimate Greyhound Racing System

You probably haven't heard of the Ultimate Greyhound Racing System as it is still quite new. I was so fortunate that I got my hand on a copy of the system, and in the last few months I have been successful in the system.

The Greyhound Racing System is only available to Australian Racing for access to NSWTAB or another Australian Online TAB to receive form data to check for individual greyhounds and see if it is suitable or not.

only takes a few minutes to compete for all qualifying agars. The best part of this system is that it only has to work for a week, which is Saturday. The reason why the system works and is so successful that nowadays is the Sydney Wentworth Park and Victoria Meadows. These 2 greyhounds are in top quality tournaments in Australia on a Saturday night

Another reason why Saturday night is so good that WIN Pools are much higher for TABS than in the middle. weekly sessions. I talked to the gentleman who came up with the system for about 30 minutes and shared some other ideas to get a good strike rate and high profit in the middle of the week, and some changes were really profitable in the middle of the week.

So I think you want to know the vital statistics of the system by now? Well, here's a staggering 61% strike rate for all winners. This is a very high strike rate to win and I see another Greyhound Racing System that performs so well. Not only do the winners have a high strike number, but the stake is 91%. These are incredibly impressive results, so the profit level is good even if you get short-price greyhounds.

The introduced Staking Plan is very reasonable and I feel that it really takes good running systems that are not very likely when using the system but still allow them. This gives you an extra security buffer if you experience an omission. You will find a lot of systems that fit the style of the strategy or worse than no staking plan at all. For more than 40 years, I have been a follower of the competitive industry, and in my experience, there is only one way to gain long-term racing and a great strategy and stick to it while following a great design plan.

Greyhound Racing is one of the sports that many are afraid of having a lot of things that go wrong during the race, but I love it the most. Really good quality greyhounds are proven runners and rarely find themselves coming from good boxes, so I added some rules to the box to make my choice to improve the strike even better. How many times have you seen a greyhound in Field 1, then jump in the next race from the terrible box 5 and knock out the boxes or check in the first corner because they couldn't jump well.

The sum of the Greyhound Racing System is very good and the rules are very simple. Boxes are not considered when considering the selection. Chances are not the fact that the greyhound is the choice. You will be surprised to see how they are picked up, but it works and works well. I am very pleased to discover this great package and I have achieved good results

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