Use of bicycle lights for safety reasons

Why use bicycle lights?

Although the front and rear bicycle lamps are mandatory for all bikers who travel around the clock in the UK, many cyclists still do not have them regularly. Indeed, it is not much trouble to find the few lights and fix them on the bicycle, which makes riding much safer, even if it does not travel on a public road because not only to make it visible to traffic but also to make sure it is that the path ahead will illuminate. Every cyclist must use a daily bicycle light on the bicycle.

Safe Stay

First of all, bicycle lights light up in safety. Many do not consider them unnecessary, but in fact this is not the case, they are an essential package for all cyclists and all disciplines of cycling. Cycling is much more dangerous than most people think, especially on the roads in peak times of traffic congestion, and safety is the most important. Reflective cycling jackets, shiny wings and standard reflectors for bicycles are not enough to be safe and visible on the road, and a good lantern lamp is very important for any biker who is not only at night but under any reduced viscosity conditions.

Who should use the bicycle lights?

The bicycle lights are not just about commuters or serious bicycling bicycles, each biker needs it and is obliged by law. Rules of the "Highway Code" bikers # 39; The number 60 says that "The cycle of the night must be ELDER to the white front and red rear lights", which means that every biker has to ride at night so that these lights are fixed to their bicycles and illuminated. This applies to all cycling cyclists, cyclists or journeys, and although children traveling on the roads are usually exempt from official cycling laws, they may be most likely to endanger them if they are biking in the dark and are given priority over their bicycles. It feels good to make sure it is visible in the dark on the road or near the road, and there is really no excuse to drive bicycles without bicycles. You do not drive in the dark and you do not have a headlight, and you need to think about the bicycle lights since they are even more integrated in the safety of the bike than the lights of the car. driver.

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