Valentines heal in many ways

As a child I had a lot of fun to give Valentin to all of my class. Valentin's drugs are healed in so many ways. I felt a good feeling that someone else would work.

Looking back on time, I figured my mother would probably only find projects that would keep my three sisters and take some afternoon. We cut and paste it, cut it and fold it. I liked the color pink so no one was surprised when all my friends were pink and that something "dominated the pink crayfish cherries that were shared by women

with the hot chocolate and the roaches on the veranda so we did not pick it up and so we would not be too tired before our mission would be accomplished It was an exciting year of school year

Since the youngest of the four, Mother helped my lover "just a little" to introduce ourselves We had a simple budget , so one of the purchased Valentines bought a package had to be shared between us.I bought a box of Valentine candy and we carefully put a candy on each Valentine.I have four stores Valentine and made twenty-two homemade Valentines when I went to school on the Valentine's Day morning. 19659002] Of course my teacher would have bought Va lentin in a shop, and I made the biggest homemade preparation for her, and then there were my two best friends, Elaine and Joanna. I made them a homemade Valentine and a Valentine shop. I had a business, Valentine left, and I did not even think of another person to give it. It was so special. My dear left the afternoon for Valentine's exchange. It was difficult for us to think of school work when so many things could happen that day. She looked around the room all morning to visit someone who was going to receive Valentin's last special store. I talked to two of my friends and made a suggestion, but they suggested they were their friends and I was "tag-ment".

Then, time has come, and the classroom's energy levels increased with high roaring. Comments that are in the room and everyone is smiling. I got twenty-four Valentines. Most of us have a candy too, so I thought there was very good trade. Valentine's drugs heal in so many different ways and I knew I had many friends.

During the excitement I certainly forgot my last special store, Valentin. As soon as I got back from the bus, I remembered. As I rounded the last corner, there was a father's car on the driveway. Love stuck in me and it was such a good idea. I ran into the house, took the chalk and the paper. I did one more Valentine. A big, pink pink, because I knew her mother was pink too. Maybe there was the idea that this was my color. On both Valentine's back I wrote "I Love You". Then I handed Valentine to the priest and the Valentin's mother-in-law.

They were so surprised that dad grabbed his arms and told me he never had such a sweet little "Milly" in his life. I knew I was special. It was the first dawn in my little heart that I was born into my "best friends".

I'm older now, I still remember the good days around the Valentine's Day. I've lost my first class friends, but the memory of my love by my parents lasts forever. Valentin's drugs are healed in so many ways. The Valentine's Day is another way to heal the heart, saying the three words: "I Love You".

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