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The warehouse competition is one of the most popular races in America, as shown by the popularity of Nascar Nextel Cup. The term "cargo" means that all machines used must be original cars. These cars can be modified for performance but can not be specifically designed for racing.

An example of popular modification is the rear spoiler, which is equipped with all racing cars. This spoiler forces the air to move over the vehicle to provide sufficient downward pressure to stabilize the vehicle and provide some protection during cargo racing.

In car races, a racing competition is typically raced for oval design and dirt or asphalt. There is also on the motorway, but it is very rare.

The length of the tracks is longer than the short track, which is approx. One mile long, with super fast runs up to 2.66 miles. The maximum speed on the short track can be up to 220 mph; but the speed of the super-speeds is now limited to 187 mph.

The warehouse competition comes from moonlight riders of the prohibition era. It was necessary that during the moonshine run, they would leave the law that runners soon changed their cars to work faster and more efficiently. This was soon compete between competitors and the early 1930s when motor racing began to be organized. As the rules of competition were so varied, many were more united. In 1948, NASCAR became a reality.

There are many auto racing circuits outside of Nascar. Some examples include the IMCA, the International Motor Contest Association, the ARCA, the America Automobile Racing Club, the CRA or the Championship Racing Association. These are "small leagues" in car racing.

In addition to these and other clubs outside the Nascar circle, there are also Craftsman Truck Series and Busch Series. Like in baseball, riders do not leave Nascar. They must enter the sport and go from below. They have to go and have to prove themselves and wait for them to be invited to lead a professional racing team.

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