Vintage Volkswagen Racing: The Beginning of Deano Dyno-Soar

Dean Lowry joined Joe Vittone and VW's distributor, the Economotor, in Riverside, California in 1955. Having realized how easy it was to improve and improve Volkswagen, Dean learned everything he knew and increased his skill level. He decided to increase Volkswagens' career and performance with dragon nuts.

Dean helped the construction of a VW beetle in California's Alhambra Century Motors, which he regularly raced for five months. Then he built a stamp with a Porsche engine and started campaigning at several local drag racing events.

Joe asked Dean to return to the Economotors in 1963 and resumed working with EMPI performance elements. It has developed exhaust systems, carburetor kits and valve kits. Dean built the famous Inch Pincher race in one of the most famous racing cars.

In 1968, Dean resigned the Economot and collaborated with Ken's brother to launch his own VW repair and service workshop in Santa Ana, California. The brothers focused solely on the complete construction and repair of VW engines. This new business was called Deano Dyno-Soars, following Dean Deano or Dino's nickname.

The Lowry Brothers grabbed their business through the dinosaur theme and picked up the color purple color. They have made a purple Purple Dyno-Soar engine. The racing cars and even the service are colored with purple.

Lowrys often dragged on Dean's daily driver, a 1958 VW sedan, a 2180cc engine. The car was made easier to reduce weight. The unique, lightweight wicker aluminum wheels were specifically designed for drag-racing VWs and debuted the Dyno-Soar racing car. The best time was 11.62 seconds and the car was in the NHRA H / Gas category.

One of the most important developments in Dean Dyno-Soar at the Vanofrequence competition was the remanufactured crankcase that allowed the VW engines to fit 3 liters in the rear engine compartment. It was called an Ultra Case. Deano Dyno-Soar also designed and developed the first remanufactured cylinder heads for the VW drag racing.

After winning more races and trophies, they decided to retire from the VW racing car in 1972. The shop opened the doors in 1972, and the brothers went away.

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