Volvo examines a kinetic energy recovery system for a flywheel

I understand why Volvo is not referring to the experimental flywheel (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) with the abbreviation FKERS (although this also makes fun interviews). But all of them have misled many KERS laTelys. Ferrari is in LaFerrari. Porsche puts it in 918. The same Audi e-tron R18 Quattro. Hell, even the Formula 1 cars are used. In a car with a kinetic energy recovery system, you can't turn to a corner.

So what makes Volvo flywheel so special to KERS? First of all, Volvo has been gaining momentum since the 1980s when it was tested at the Volvo 260. However, because of the restriction of the materials, the whole system, although interesting, was not really viable. The big steel flywheels of the 80s were too heavy and had limited rotation capacity.

Not so today. Thanks to the carbon fiber, the Volvo system flywheel weighs 6 kilos, 20 centimeters in diameter and rotates under vacuum to reduce the kinetic energy loss resulting from friction. Here's how the new system works:

During the delay, the braking energy rotates at a speed of 60,000 rpm per minute. through a specially designed transmission. The front-wheel drive combustion engine is switched off as soon as it is interrupted. reach speed. "

Taking advantage of the kinetic energy of the flywheel, Volvo claims that a car equipped with KERS will achieve a 25 percent improvement in fuel economy – the internal-combustion engine of the front wheel and the KERS power supply cylinder, which is another 80 With this setting, the S60 will run from 0 to 62 mph in 5.5 seconds. KERS is getting faster and 25 percent better fuel efficiency, not bad. Not bad at all. Volvo will be in an ideal condition, according to KERS, without the use of an internal combustion engine l approx. According to the new European driving cycle .

The kinetic energy recovery systems have been put into the form of the Ferrari LaFerrari roads. But if it's like me, a supercar that pays over $ 1 million is a little further away. Perhaps in the near future, a similar but more affordable system will sit comfortably in your driveway.

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