Water Cars!

Do you want to buy a car that does not pollute the atmosphere, just like your old gas masses? Well, why do not you look for greener cars? Hybrid cars are in the stuff! Yes, yes, the future has come. No more sewage control, no more petrol pumps, no more serious problems – just plug the spark plugs. Make a trip to the awesome world of alternative energy cars – tomorrow's technology today!

Watercraft were already on the road with the first motorized vehicles (the "horseless carriages" as they were called – they appeared on the street at the beginning of the 20th century, as they were driven by steam, they were too slow, noisy and others, and not surprisingly they soon drove the roads with cars with internal combustion engines, and there was no downside to the running costs: in the old times the price of the oil was only $ 6

A century later the times had changed – and how! Oil already touched $ 145 per barrel Now that petrol and diesel are too expensive to find environmentally-polluting, fuel-efficient technologies for automotive production because of a storm, yes you will be very straight forward wagons from the Star Wars movies, there are viable alternatives, namely solar, hydrogen -, Hybrid, Bio, and Water Cars. The car's life span will inevitably return the use of water Solar cars are theoretically good, but seriously not an option, our experts advise you because these cars do not produce enough horsepower, which means they are not cost-effective. True, in 2008, a Swiss car radio sprouts the world in a self-designed solar-powered car, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime record for records regardless of the tremendous cost. The steamy was a historic milestone, but as we have seen it was not outrageous – it was out of steam!

Enter Next-Gen hybrid cars introduced by Japanese Honda, who launched the world's first hybrid car, the Honda Civic, in 2008. Today's hi-tech hybrid car is a vehicle with a small gasoline engine, but usually comes from an electric motor. Does not the fanciful not? So when the car is running at high speed, the electric motor provides the required speed while the car is in the traffic light or at the traffic light, the petrol engine takes over. Carbon dioxide emissions have dropped to a negligible extent here.

For some time, hydrogen ran parallel to the hybrids. Extremely environmentally-friendly and infinitely renewable, hydrogen seemed the answer, but no. It's terribly scathing like the Hindenburg disaster (1937). So now back to the water! Aquatic cars move quickly from the drawing to the machine. Water contains both hydrogen and oxygen, which is a huge advantage. Water-operated cars are 100% environmentally friendly, only the horses meet. Horse carriages, however, were heavily maintained, while watercraft did not. Trust me!

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