Water fuel technology – the future of hybrid cars

Hey, Dave here. Have you ever wondered why it is anticipated that other technologies are developing rapidly while vehicle companies continue to produce vehicles that still receive the same rough gas mileage as 40 years ago? Today, automotive manufacturers are proud of the latest electric hybrid cars, which I admit is a great step in the right direction, though I still think they can do much better.

In the past decades, many hybrid cars have been developed. In addition to the popular gas / electrical design, there are some other methods that have been implemented to produce high mileage vehicles. Some of these methods include compressed air, liquid propane, E85 ethanol, and more water-driven hybrid cars. While all of the above have been very effective to increase fuel economy, I will focus on the use of water in this article, which improves the gas flow of modern internal combustion engines.

Using water as a source of fuel is by no means a new concept. Hydrogen and oxygen molecules are extracted from water by electrolysis, well over 100 years. In 1800 William Nicholson and Johann Ritter were the first researchers to extract hydrogen and oxygen from the water. This mixture of hydrogen and oxygen (oxyhydrogen) is very strong and remains the purest fuel in the universe as the by-product of combustion is nothing more than water vapor.

When gas prices rose in 2008, water fuel technology was successfully used by household mechanics as a way to increase the distance traveled by gases. This radical new concept uses a HHO Generator that uses electrolysis to divide hydrogen and oxygen molecules into water. This HHO gas mixture is then introduced into the intake manifolds of the engines, where it can be mixed with gasoline to provide fuller and more fuel combustion.

The measurement result obtained when using a HHO in a motorcycle is quite surprising. Most users MPG increased from 20% to 70%, although some users reported a 150% increase in fuel efficiency by injecting HHO gas. HHO injection also improves acceleration while improving the gas flow of the car while drastically reducing its hydrocarbon emissions. HHO gas also serves to clean the carbon deposits inside the engine, increasing overall performance and lifetime.

So if you're looking for a way to significantly increase your gas mileage without expensive engine modification, I suggest you invest in building and installing such a HHO generator in your vehicle. The components used to build the device are usually less than $ 100, and considering the amount of mileage that the mileage achieves, the device actually pays for the first 60 days.

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