Water hybrid cars – how to break the rising costs of crazy fuel prices

Aquatic hybrid cars give us hope as impressive news as the big oil giants showing huge profits while the car pays £ 5 a gallon for gasoline in England and more than $ 5 gallon for gas in the States, With the ever-growing concerns of environmentally-polluting toxic exhaust gases, you can hear a welcome break from a technology that can actually change the trend and allow us to enjoy all of these crazy fuel prices.

Hydrogen hybrid fuel technology is one of the emerging energy technologies and hydrogen fuel cells technology, wave energy, tidal energy biomass fuels, wind and solar energy that we have met in the past 10 years. the XXI. century energy technologies.

We now know that fossil fuels have a burning effect globally on climate systems as carbon dioxide, methane gas and other toxin particles bathe in the atmosphere and cause all sorts of natural disasters. The number of the most significant crops in China by up to 37% in the world is forecasted by the International Energy Agency to increase carbon dioxide emissions in the world. We leave the rotation that our children have to face, without all of us being part of it.

Some of the new energy technologies are still at a point where costs are high but with stories such as the completely unmanned Zephyr aircraft 54 ​​hours during the tests, Kylie Minogue's eco-friendly home and Boeing, which this year launches a first flight on hydrogen-powered aircraft this year, we have reason to hope that the major energy changes are on the way.

Despite our expectations that these technologies can become the ultimate source of all our energy needs, one way is that most can make a significant difference now without spending huge amounts of money. With this, fuel-thirsty vehicles (cars, trucks, vans and trucks) turn into hybrid vehicles (water hybrid cars) that run on water and fuel. This still leaves little toxic release, but the emission levels are significantly reduced, as electrolysis combines water with components of hydrogen and oxygen gases that mix with fuel to catabolize the fuel molecule size to full combustion in miles / kilometers) rather than only partially burn and leaves the huge 75% -80% toxic residue, which is currently toxic to our exhaust emissions. Most of the residues resulting from the use of water hybrid technology are water vapor, providing a much cleaner atmosphere and a cleaner, more efficient engine.

Water technology is not a new technology

Water technology systems have been widely used in the early 1940's. The B52 bomber worked on a water injector to absorb enough energy to cool the plane from the ground, cool air, fuel, and maintenance during the Second World War.

In 1990, patents were granted to various versions of water hybrid technology plans and since then these systems have been tested and tested on different types of machines, not just vehicles. What happened is that there is an influx of internet companies who have been planning to search all the old drawings, sketch plans in the public sector and put together the various options of do-it-yourself designs. There are some differences in the different patterns, but basically all of them work on the principle of simple systems building with normal everyday tools to create tanks that allow the electrodes to water each gas element in the water. This is often called HH0 (or brown water) and is powered by the battery of the car. The final product is delivered to the engine, where it is mixed with the fuel.

This is GREAT as it opens up the opportunity for many people to take advantage of this technology and, of course, create a new industry where you can purchase these water converter kits and install them in cars, vans or trucks if you do not want to do it yourself. This is still a much cheaper solution than buying a very expensive new hydrogen powered car, and as many people convert your car, the greater will be the benefits of the environment.

In order to have an idea of ​​system efficiency, unlike the vintage steam locomotives at the beginning of the 20th century, which used enormous amounts of water to maintain power, only used a 4 liter of water on the farm at about 2700 miles, and fossil fuel- farming anywhere can guarantee a guaranteed 10% to 50% savings. Many people have found the result as much as 85%. This is a sustainable system that allows free energy. By collecting rainwater simply enough water in the garden for many years passes to the hybrid cars of the water.

Taking advantage and encouraging others to take advantage of this simple technology is a sure way to overcome the growing fuel costs that we are burdening and to reduce the hazardous emissions of exhaust gases that damage many people's health.

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