Weapon R Tuner Coilover Set

The post-performance accessories such as the Weapon R Super Tuner Coilover kit allow the inspired competitor to set off the race track or open roads. The component has a spring mechanism that provides an aggressive feeling that is often seen on the fully threaded stroke portion. By offering the sleeve and spring of the coil binding, you can choose the combination of shock, whether it be adjustable shock or regular high-impact shocks. These components are used to replace the stock suspension with a very tunable coil spring and shock configuration. These spring and shock corrections allow the suspension tuner to balance the car to any driving or competition condition.

These suspension kits allow the driver to achieve more aggressive feelings and provide the best performance on the road and on the track. Customized items are primarily used in racing programs and can also be fitted to street cars for perfect suspension and tuning. These components are used to change the setting of the suspension added by the car manufacturer and allow the driver to better tune their drive to a more desirable and aggressive drive. These spring-loaded shock limits allow the tuner to fine-tune the car to any driving or competition condition. For street and club competitions, we recommend starting with a planned kit so you don't spend hours and sometimes fine-tune the set suspension on days. From shocks to springs, this company is covered with the most up-to-date, best-designed parts.

Separate and independently adjustable retraction and compression attenuation allows individual settings for different uses and preferences. Honda Accord retracts vehicles to new levels of suspension tuning. Spring-tuned shock sets provide the right height and impact control that provides new vehicle driving or racing. Providing the height adjustment range with a power suspension spring can be the best in both worlds. The main springs are used for most of the suspension tasks, while the retaining springs provide gradually increasing quality for the spirited driving conditions.

Check out these parts for Honda Accord and many other fine vehicles that are guaranteed to be fairly easy to install without a larger configuration of the file system.

Important to note:

-Spring elements cold wound

-Spring-Rate Pre-set

Powder coated stress release

-Phosphate-treated stress reduced

-Phosphate treated high chromium silicon steel [19659011]

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