Wear embroidered flowers

Beaded flowers can become part of their everyday jewelery and can serve as an important supplement on some very special days.

Use them for everyday use to decorate your hair. The sweet headband of the pearls flowers can be admired for years in the favorite color of a little girl. If the little lady you're in the mind supports hair combs or clips instead of the headband, you can easily arrange the flower with a comb or clip. If you are wearing flowers in your hair, be sure to use a loop that does not leave the upper base wire; Egypt, leave a long, most important base rope that can be folded or pinned on the back of pets and leaves and twisted into the fibers. This prevents the wires from catching the wearer's hair.

You can make a "mother-of-pearl" or "grandmother seal" from pearl flowers. Use different colored Swarovski crystal pearls that represent the birthdays of children and grandchildren, and take care of the center of flowers. You can also use each "birthstone" as a floral flower. Think about using different beads to flower – many exotic and cheap options are available in unexpected shapes and lengths. If you buy beads, try to look at the beads with new eyes and try new and interesting ways.

My parents have recently celebrated a milestone wedding anniversary. In addition to making the wreaths of flowers, my mother married in the wedding bouquet, I made my mother a poppy flower with wedding flowers and my father had to wear a boutonniere for their jubilee party. They loved them!

The biggest and most fascinating way of flowering pearls is to bring them to a wedding bouquet. Bridal bouquets made of pearl flowers have three great advantages over living bouquets. The first is that nobody in the party or guest list suffers from any flower allergy. The second is to have any flowers you want, even if you are out of season or otherwise. Your bouquet will be slightly heavier than a live bouquet of flowers! The third advantage is that your bouquet lasts for decades, just like your wedding – no further steps are needed. You can use your future daughter or granddaughter even for a wedding! Your bouquet can become an honest family heritage.

You can paste the groom into the beaded flower if the boutonniere is made of pearls to match the bouquet. The bride's mother would also like to have a bouquet she will be able to keep forever. Wedding memories can also be made for your bridal party. I always get compliments when I wear my pearl neck, especially Swarovski crystal beads.

Flower girls or other female attendants wear pearls in their hair. For the occasion, you can use a "diamond" center or create centers in wedding colors. I did this for several weddings. The pearl flowers do not have to look completely natural flowers. Part of the spell is that the flowers are designed to match the colors of the event.

The use of pearl flowers as a complement is endless. Leave your fantasy in the box and produce a wealth of great ideas. You may need to modify the techniques or invent completely new ones – but this worm is a pearl of fun flowers!

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