What are the best super cars on the market today?

When a Shelby Cobra hits the street, everyone stops to look at and evaluate the wonderful form, design and strength of the vehicle. Today's supercars have state-of-the-art technical, futuristic and classic design and support for one of the world's most exclusive automotive companies. Discriminating customers opt for dozens of premium exotic cars on today's market, and traders are currently evaluating the most beautiful vehicles. This guide gives you a brief overview of some of your favorite super cars on today's market – showrooms help you find more, including individual and pre-owned super cars within the price range.

Shelby Cobra

Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe is one of the world's most important street sports jumper, one of the world's most beautiful car designers. Its trademark design, state-of-the-art design and top-of-the-line performance are one of the world's highest performing cars. The company has further improved the coupe for the 2009 model, with better independent suspension, better handling with a selection of aluminum or fiberglass frames. At a new $ 200,000 lower price, Shelby Cobras is available at a much cheaper price and worth the investment.

Bentley Azure

Among the finest British cars on the market, the rare and well-known Bentley Azure gives a classic look to the convertible style. The aluminum vehicle can be customized in many ways and has an automatic top that is ideal for winter and summer driving. Under the bonnet, a 500 horsepower V8 twin turbo engine is found, which is capable of 0-60 in more than five seconds. The impressive gearbox offers sports, hand or drive modes, and hand restored. The classic 20-inch tires, LED lights and fine leather interior make up the true luxury car for years.

Maybach Exelero

For the Super Car buyers who really want to compete, Exelero's riders will conquer road traffic. The immersive V12 engine, the German vehicle, can pick up more than 700 horsepower and make designs straight from the cinemas. Due to its excellent handling, acceleration and design, Exelero is seconds. Today there are few vehicles on the road that match the mere performance and world-class design. For less budget buyers, additional Maybach options and brand agencies are available in a more sophisticated budget.

Whether it's from a new concept car or a very large amount of used exotic cars, we have a separate inventory. Seated behind the leader of the super supercars on the market is a truly memorable experience.

No matter what car you choose, there are 3 things you should always do:

1. Get a CarFax

2. Check the car for a qualified installer / power center

3. Jump to a recognized trader

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