What factors influence lung capacity?

Your lungs are one of the body's most important organs. You can breathe and get good oxygen. They also help to remove carbon dioxide from the blood. Oxygen helps the body to be healthy and vibrant. One thing that indicates a healthy lung is the lung capacity.

What is the capacity of the lung? This is the maximum amount of oxygen that your lung will absorb. This is the amount of air you can breathe. If you are young, lung capacity is usually very large. There are, however, certain factors that affect it. Let's talk about some.

The first factor is the age. The children's body works better than an adult body. This is because as you grow up, your body also lives, and the organs are not as healthy as before. This is the same for his lungs. The older you get, the less air you can hold. That's why many elderly people breathe quickly and try to catch their breath. The second factor is food. That's right! The food you eat affects the lung capacity. For example, if you consume fruits rich in vitamins C and E, you can improve your lung's ability to keep air. Vitamin C and E are important vitamins and antioxidants that remove the organs from any harmful substance. Such are citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables. Now there are several reasons to eat vegetables. For example, high fat foods are not good because they increase their weight, which leads to the next item.

The third factor is weight. Studies have shown that obese people show less lung capacity. This is because a lot of energy is used to spread nutrients in the body. You will need more oxygen to make sure your body gets the amount they need. That's why when you see obese people you can easily notice that they breathe fast, especially after physical exercises.

The fourth factor is health status. If you have breathing problems, this may affect your lung's capacity and overall function. If you think your breathing will be shorter and shorter then consult your doctor immediately.

There are many ways to improve your capacity. However, the most commonly used method is breathing exercise. He's always worried he's breathing. Slowly fill your lungs with oxygen. This will help the lungs grow. Then you can slowly go out to shake the lungs. Improve lung capacity and more oxygen supply

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