What is a Hybrid Car? Overview of the hybrid

What's going on here?

Hybrid cars differ in many ways from conventional vehicles. There are emissions, fuel consumption, costs and of course all the mechanics. The main difference between the two is that the hybrid car uses gas combined with gasoline and a standard vehicle uses only gasoline.

In a gas-powered car, the fuel drives the engine, which translates the transmission and then rotates the wheels and wheels. drive the car forward. These standard cars result in higher pollution and further increase oil dependency. Prices on the pump are rising every week, not only are they more environmentally friendly, but also a big wallet.

batteries for switching on the engine and switching on the transmission and wheels. Electric cars are not considered feasible in the mainstream market due to two main factors: cost and performance. Existing batteries should not run long before they are exhausted and replaced. In addition, the cost of manufacturing these batteries is very high

There are hybrid cars in the middle. The combination of fuel and batteries is used to run the vehicle. The gas-powered engine operates a generator for charging electric batteries or feeding electric motors, which then carry the transmission and the wheels. If possible, the batteries are used to charge the electric motor instead of the generator. These power switches are when a car is confronted with different driving conditions and is the best of the driver, both worlds.

With real mothers and screws (a chart or hybrid car / system), HowStuffWorks.com is always a great place to start! Other sources include the history of hybrid cars, hybrid cars, and hybrids

So what makes a hybrid so effective?

The fact that gas does not directly feed the car. Because it feeds a gas-powered engine (and does not turn the gear – much more work), it can be much smaller and lighter, resulting in less load on the car for carrying. The flexibility of batteries or generator power also reduces the amount of fuel used.

What's Next?

The future of hybrid cars has endless possibilities. One trend would be to create a car that ran on electric batteries (the car was loaded, so the "plug-in hybrids" laughed) until they were exhausted and then moved to fuel. This would use less fuel because some of the batteries come from the grid, as opposed to the gas generator.

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