What is Formula 1 racing?

The F1 racing is another name for the Formula 1 racing circuit. Some people blame Indy for cars look similar. However, this is another sport, and the rules and rules are quite different. In the Open Wheel category, the highest class is Formula 1.

This plan was made by the Federation of International Federations (FIA). The FIA ​​is the governing body of all kinds of car racing internationally. The term "formula" refers to the qualifications the FIA ​​may authorize the driver and a vehicle to participate in this area. There are many rules and regulations.

The Formula 1 round consists of street racing, which is called the Grand Prix. One thing that is completely different from the Formula 1 racing circuit is that there are two races at the end of the circuit: one for the drivers and one for the riders.

Such a type of race usually runs on a specially built racing track or on a road. Race races are probably the most popular in Formula 1 races; the most widespread is the Monaco Grand Prix.

Formula 1 races are vehicles that have been modified for optimum performance. The speed available in such cars can reach 360 mph. At corners, g-force is at high speed. Cars are build members of the car racing team and have to follow some rules when assembling cars; however, they may allow a certain margin of maneuver to change aerodynamics, electronics, tires, and suspension to improve track performance.

All of the racing car 1 counts as a single seat. This means there are no more places available than cargo trucks. A total of ten teams and twenty riders a year participate in the competition.

Engineers named in the 2008 season are Toyota, Honda, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes and Renault. Bridgestone receives a tire contract for the 2008 racing season. For more information about the type of sporting competitions, see the "Formula1" category.

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