What is the USPS EPacket service

In January 2013, USPS dramatically increases the First Class International Mail tariff. In many cases, the delivery cost of international packages is doubled. While this may be a very bad news for many Amazon and eBay sellers, there are some good news. USPS officially launches a new international trading service called a commercial ePacket in the United States.

Commercial ePacket USPS product, provided by a USPS-approved pre-qualified wholesaler (PQW). This service has a very beneficial effect on sending overseas lightweight, low value products. Amazon and eBay sellers are comfortable with the fact that they no longer have to prepare documentation from the US and the necessary labels. The selected USPS PQW provides the required documentation. In addition, all eRetailer can track these packages on USPS.com in the 14 participating countries.

Some of the important features of a commercial ePacket service are as follows:

  • Economical Ecommerce Mail Product Tracking and Delivery Confirmation
  • Lightweight Low Value Items < (19659005) 7 days
  • Postage clearance (recipients payable and taxes)
  • Free download on non-deliverable items
  • Free shipping on non-deliverable items
  • Tracking directly at USPS.com
  • 14 Participating Countries: Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Belgium, New Zealand, Sweden, Spain. Ireland, Finland, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom
  • Shipping rate averages 90% in all countries
  • USPS approved PQW
  • prices Induction sites in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles [19659005] USPS Acceptance Testing and Delivery Scanning by Foreign Mail
  • Unique Label and Bar Code Identifier – LX Prefix
  • Electronic Posterization, Labeling by Pre-Qualified Wholesaler and ONLY in Bags
  • How does ePack work?

    Customers contact a USPS PQW in their region and talk to someone about how to get started. Ideally, you would like to choose a PQW who has the ability to communicate in all three cities. This will be extremely important due to unpleasant weather and natural disasters. PQW with multiple devices in all 3 pick-up facilities can help ensure that your mail is moved to another pick-up center when it's closed or there is no flight as we have seen in Hurricane Sandy.

    PQW will walk through the process of setting labels and data storage functions. After all the data capture functions are switched on, send the mail or PQW sends the vehicle to its place. You will need to send out the sent mails every day and send the Customs Information for all packages electronically.

    When the packets arrive at PQW, the PQW confirms that they received the electronic manifesto for daytime delivery. If PQW does not receive the manifest, it can not process its emails through the Commercial ePacket service. Upon receipt of the manifesto, electronic information will be uploaded to the USPS system and all the labels and required customs documentation will be generated. The packages will then be tagged and the country of destination will be released and shipped to the International Service Center (ISC) designated by USPS.

    By accepting the USPS ISC, the bags will be opened and each package will be read as evidence and placed on the next available outbound flight to the destination country. After the flight arrives, the parcels allow customs clearance through the postal customs clearance mechanism. This ensures that the packages move quickly through the cleaning process and are not affected by typical delays due to the normal air traffic management system.

    After Clearance, packets will be placed in the PRIME network and priority will be given to the destination country. Customers waiting to receive packages can trust that tracking information will be provided directly to the USPS Web site. This feature eliminates customer service calls that are received daily from many Amazon and eBay vendors.

    After the parcels arrive via the postal system of the country of destination, the package will be received by the mailbox. This scanning event will be uploaded to the USPS Web site and accessible to everyone who wants to track the progress of individual shipments.

    Based on my original findings, this service is a great offer for 100 or more packages per day. However, some customers who deliver less than 100 packages a day can also take advantage of this service if they decide to schedule one or two days of ordering before sending. Obviously, every customer has their own idiosyncrasy, which can affect if a service such as Commercial ePacket is beneficial. However, depending on how far the JFK Airport, the O & # 39; hare International Airport or Los Angeles International Airport is from day to day, you can make less than 100 packages a day. For details on the service, I would like to add USPS-approved PQW today.

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