What's the best hybrid car?

A few years ago this question would not have been very difficult to answer, as only a few hybrid models existed. Today, however, a number of car makers have entered the market, offering bolder vehicles that motivate many people to see which model best suits their needs. Although hybrids become available in most vehicle classes, there is enough model for sedans, SUVs and compact car segments to make a reasonable comparison.

The Best Sedan Hybrid
In the hybrid market besides the first car makers, Honda distinguishes the best sedan hybrid. The Honda Civic Hybrid offers the same slim and sporty look as the gas-only model, and it's difficult to distinguish Civic. The sedan market is one of the more competitive markets for hybrid cars, so getting to the top is a major achievement here.

The Best Sport Equipment-Hybrid Vehicle
The sporty vehicle arena is the most dynamically developing market for hybrids, with particular regard to the appearance of crossover SUVs as one of the most popular market segments of the past few years. Combining the full-size SUV with sedan sporty looks, the hybrid crossover market is great among consumers and Ford Escape Hybrid puts the list up.

Ford Escape Hybrid was not only the first SUV hybrid but successfully overcome the challenges of well-established hybrid manufacturers Toyota and Lexus (the Honda company). Although the consumption of hybrid SUVs, besides conventional SUVs, does not approach hybrid sedans, the guaranteed ten or more gallons of pressure is more than enough to put Escape Hybrid on a list of consumer preferences.

The Best Compact Hybrid
The compact market has traditionally been the home of the hybrid, as the pursuit of economy and utility is preferred. Although compact hybrids are more expensive than the usual ingredients, the eye-catching 70+ miles / gallon of compact hybrids boasted enough to extract extra dollars from consumers' pockets.

In the compact market, Honda Insight is at the top of the range, offering the best combination of style and fuel economy, despite sacrificing comfort and engine performance to keep eye-catching mpgs.

Like most consumer goods, the hybrid car is the best, much depends on personal preference and car, family budgets. But with the growing popularity of hybrid vehicles, there is a good chance that a viable hybrid option is available next time you buy a car.

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