When it comes to sporty cars, everyone has the same question – how fast is it?

Every true car enthusiast has a dream if they have enough money to spend and even offer every opportunity and variety of choices when choosing a car. What is this dream? – a sports car. But in the minds of sports car lovers, there is a basic norm that is based on every sporty car, and that is the speed.

According to various car industry critics, the fastest vehicle in the 1994 Dauer 962 LeMans. This neck breaker accelerates rapidly in 2.6 seconds between 0 and 60 mph. For comparison, the fastest Ferrari is the 2002 Ferrari Enzo, and this gearbox can speed up the 3.5 second interval between 0 and 62 miles per hour. Some other remarkable fast cars include Dodge, LeBlanc, Renault, Audi and of course Corvette vehicles with a fast start time of less than 3 seconds at 0-60 miles per hour.

So what is fast sports cars? Why can not every car be as fast as high-end sports cars?

The fact that the sport car is so appealing to the eye, the sleek aerodynamic style also provides high performance when choosing a sports car. The very slim and modernized body of elite super fast sports cars greatly contributes to phenomenal aerodynamics. This makes it easier to drive cars quickly, without worrying about resistance, air pressure, and so on. Because. The attractive and sexy form of these beauties actually means more than eye candy but a great car's speed and performance

Another key feature that increases the speed of a given vehicle, the reduced weight compared to other cars. Obviously, the minimum cargo capacity, which can be found in most sports cars. Fortunately, this is not so much the sport car lovers. Cargo capacity and weight reduction are closely linked to the reality that many athletic cars can have smaller rooms and generally have more solid and tighter trips to the more spacious and comfortable SUVs and luxury suites.

One of the most important things to consider in speed, but its overall dynamics, especially driving and resistance while driving. If you can not maintain a straight line while driving smoothly and finishing crushing after reaching the dead end, the sports car will have very little value, if any. This is the exact reason why even the absolute fastest sports cars are typically rear-wheel drive instead of front wheel drive as the rear wheel drive provides greater tensile strength and allows even weight distribution as the car

Although much more than a quality sports car as a mere speed, it certainly does not hurt things as fast as a sports car is fast. In the new hybrid and electric market, there are even pioneers in this arena like Tesla Motors focusing on speed and performance.

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