When purchasing a Toyota Prius, things must be checked

No doubt there are electric vehicles here. If this is any indicator, there will be even more choice for electric vehicles in the future as Toyota manufacturers have announced a completely electric vehicle built into a zero-emission car outside the Prius model. But now Toyota Prius is the commercial and technological success of Japanese manufacturers in the green vehicle category

Prius is already in this third generation, which means that millions of successful hybrids are on the road where they are sold. Priij is delivering $ 100,000 mileage for around $ 8,000 in these days, providing an interesting alternative to those who are aware of cheap fuel efficiency and green life. But let's face it, the Prius, while attracting people with alternative lifestyles as a car, is a complex car that has little knowledge of the Toyota-trained specialists. Unless you are a technician with close knowledge of the operation of Prius, it is best to buy a used Toyota Priust only if a good Toyota dealer has examined it.

Inadequately maintained Prius will be the inverter or transaxle failure candidate, both of which are the most important component of the car and both are costly to replace or repair. Since Prius transmission is basically a CVT, do not buy a used Toyota Prius if you feel that the transmission is on the vehicle. Obviously a new transaxle kit can cost up to $ 10,000 for Prius. This is a cautious repair bill when you buy a used Toyota Prius close to this amount.

Before purchasing a Toyota Prius, other items must be inspected: front and rear impact, HID headlamps, 12V battery (not traction unit), rear brake light, inverter cooling water and transaxle fluid . Locate maintenance records that indicate that cooling water reclamation has been performed and transaxle fluid has been changed at the recommended intervals

Even before you ask the vendor if you can deliver the car to a trader, you can turn on the HID headlamps, and make sure that they are still lit up in ten minutes. At the same time, turn on the air and check the air outflow from the air vents. After 10 minutes, is the air still cold? Also check the leakage under the engine water pump. The original 12-volt battery is known to be defective, so the used Prius should be replaced with the remanufactured battery. And although there may be little to change the brake light switch to a Prius, the fact is that it will be necessary to replace the pedal assembly. As you can see, the complexity of the Prius extends to small things that can be easily repaired in a more traditional car. If the combination of these small mistakes is in Prius, then consider exploring the other unit rather than using a used Toyota Prius that will cost more than just buying a car.

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